Trader Joe's Just Added A New Fruity Ice Cream To Its Lineup

With the summer season winding down, many grocery stores are starting to stock their shelves with all things fall. Grilling essentials and s'mores supplies are being replaced with Halloween candy and tailgating treats, and then, of course, there's the re-emergence of the beloved pumpkin spice flavor that seems to take over practically every product in the market, including a few controversial ones (we're looking at you, pumpkin spice Cup Noodles).

The reappearance of autumnal fare is no doubt exciting to fans of spooky season. However, there may also be a few summer lovers out who are feeling a bit cheated by the changes happening at their favorite grocery chain — the summer season doesn't officially come to an end until September 22, after all (via Farmers' Almanac). If you're someone who would prefer to spend the next 29 days gobbling down ice cream rather than sipping on pumpkin spice lattes, it may be of interest to you that the Trader Joe's is still introducing a few warm weather faves. In fact, just this week, TJ's fan Instagram account @traderjoeslist spotted a new frozen, fruity treat at their local store that might just help shoppers beat the heat until summer comes to an end.

"NEW MANGO CREAM BARS," the shoppers excitedly captioned a post on August 23, adding that they taste "incredible" and contain no artificial mango flavor. "Will you be adding these to your #traderjoeslist?" they asked. Based on the comments section, the answer looks to be "yes."

Shoppers say the bars are an 'excellent end of summer treat'

As fall flavors begin to infiltrate the food world, Trader Joe's is continuing to be a spot for summer lovers to find all sort of goodies inspired by their favorite season. Recently, the chain introduced mango cream bars, a mouthwatering treat featuring creamy vanilla ice cream coated in a layer of fruity mango sorbet. The popsicle-style frozen delicacy comes six to a pack and retails for $3.49. It already seems to have a number of fans, including the shopper behind the Instagram account @traderjoeslist. "I am obsessed!!" they declared in their post about the product that has created some serious buzz.

"Oh wow, I can get behind this," one person commented. "Finally!!! Been waiting for something mango for so long," another fan wrote, while others expressed excitement about having a replacement for both the grocer's discontinued Mango & Cream bars as well as treat's tangerine version that quickly sold out earlier this summer. "I loved the tangerine ones so much so I'm excited to try this kind!" Instagram user @recsbyrach said. One shopper on Reddit already sampled the dessert, calling it "an excellent end of summer treat" — though there's no need to rush to get through a box by the end of the season. As Spoon University asserts, ice cream is actually best eaten during the colder parts of the year, so TJ's shoppers can relax and savor these new mango cream bars for summer and beyond.