The Vegan Costco Chips You're Probably Missing Out On

Most vegans can agree that it is now easier than ever to maintain their once-restrictive diet. Over the last century, innovative plant-based products have been popping up in grocery stores and restaurants worldwide. From astonishingly beef-like Impossible Burgers to irresistibly creamy dairy-free ice cream, it seems like there's nothing that plants can't provide. With the impressive variety of animal-free alternatives on the market, even non-vegan consumers want a taste of the action. In fact, VegNews has reported that 90% of consumers of plant-based alternatives are not vegetarian or vegan at all.

Despite the rise in plant-based innovations, there are still plenty of classic, simple, and generally affordable vegan-friendly food products on the market. And given that plant-based foods have a reputation for being expensive, these kinds of products should not be forgotten. Luckily for members of the Costco subreddit, a well-known brand of chips stepped into the spotlight on the popular webpage, and now more people know that these chips fit the vegan bill.

The Costco-sized snack reveal

In a July Reddit post, one user enthusiastically uploaded a picture of a Costco-sized snack bag and wrote "Costco Vegans: Terra root chips are now vegan (no dairy) and more amazing than ever." And it's true — according to the Terra website, the ingredients that go into a bag of Original Terra chips are a mix of root vegetables, vegetable oil, and sea salt. There is no trace of dairy, meat, or eggs in the simple recipe. The same goes for most of the flavors the brand has to offer. The only non-vegan flavor of Terra chips listed on the website is the Mediterranean variety, which contains milk.

Crunchy, salty, simple, and delicious, it's no wonder that so many Redditors responded with praise for Terra Chips. However, some users were slightly confused by the announcement, as the original flavor, or Classic, as branded on the Costco bag has never contained dairy. Nonetheless, for those who are new to plant-based eating and unsure where to turn, explicitly labeling familiar snacks as vegan is a helpful way to make the process easier. If you're a Costco member looking for some simple plant-based snacks to add to your rotation, you may want to consider a giant bag of Terra.