Instagram Is Impressed With Martha Stewart's Tomato Harvest

Summer is quickly fading into a photo dump posted on Instagram as we ease back into the grind of work, school, and family life. But before these warmer months turn cool, Martha Stewart, the O.G. of homemakers and lifestyle guru, is reminding her fans it's also time to harvest those tomatoes they've been patiently tending to for the last few months. After all, one of the rewards of caring for a fruit and vegetable garden is getting to pick and eat the foods you grow.

According to Food Network, these sweet vine fruits are in season from May to October, with harvesting beginning in late summer. Americans love their tomatoes. On average, per AgHires, we eat 31 pounds of these multicolored beauties each year. And while we love them on a sandwich or in a salad, it might surprise you to learn that 75% of tomatoes are eaten on your pizza, your pasta, and in your sauces and condiments. Well, Stewart recently posted to her social media channels to showcase the haul of tomatoes her garden produced, and her followers are so impressed, that they've taken to the comments to share in the joy and excitement and we are here to help you ketchup!

There's a large variety of tomatoes

Martha Stewart took to Instagram to share a video of all the fresh tomatoes she picked, and oh boy is there a variety! Stewart says, "The tomato harvest has begun. Despite the drought, or maybe because of the drought, the tomatoes have ripened perfectly." If you are unaware, tomatoes have been hit hard by the drought in California, per Bloomberg, causing both a shortage of tomatoes and a price increase. This definitely has tomato lovers worried.

However, it's when Stewart starts identifying the various tomatoes that your taste buds start churning. She says, "There are San Marzano. There are plums. There are big boys and better boys, better girls, yellow tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, green tomatoes." But Stewart cannot help but gush over the cherry tomatoes from her garden that are purple and gold and look delish.

The video has received over 3,000 likes and a lot of chitter-chatter in the comments. One follower wrote, "Now I'm gonna go make a tomato sandwich." Same. While another explained, "Because of the drought those tomatoes will be so meaty and flavourful." Still another pleaded, "Okay so now we need some amazing tomato recipes Martha!" Of course, Stewart doesn't leave us completely hanging, but instead, offers fans a gentle reminder that green tomatoes paired with red lettuce creates a wonderful salad.