Mountain Dew Wants You To Dress As A Baja Blast This Halloween

With fall quickly approaching, it's time to begin pondering the nation's next big event — Halloween. Yes, it won't be long until your neighborhood is crawling with pint-sized ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. Or will it? Over the years, trick-or-treaters have become much more adventurous with their costume ideas. Gone are white sheets with eye-holes cut out of them. Today's Halloween revelers have grown too sophisticated for yesteryear's wardrobe hacks. 

According to USA Today, Google Trends showed that last year's top costume choices were a witch, rabbit, dinosaur, Spider-Man, and Cruella de Vil. Research by DIYs showed that there were more Spider-Men wandering the world's streets last Halloween than any other character. And Slice says that Canadians embraced "Squid Game" for costume inspiration. Interestingly, if you could time travel to October 31sts of the past, you would see something quite different. History shares that the 1920s were overrun with homemade outfits that "conceal[ed] one's identity in a spooky way," while Mickey and Minnie Mouse masks first cropped up in the 1930s. The 70s saw an influx of costumes inspired by movies and pop culture, a craze that shows no signs of slowing down today.  

However, if Mountain Dew has its way, Halloween 2022 will see legions of sodas wandering the streets.  

Four Mountain Dew-themed Halloween costumes will be available soon

Thanks to a collaboration between Mountain Dew and the Halloween retail giant Spirit Halloween, you will be able to impersonate your favorite soft drink this year. While you can, of course, opt to masquerade as original lemon lime flavor of Mountain Dew, you may also try your hand at being Baja Blast, Code Red, or the ghoulish, Grim Reaper-inspired Voo-Dew (via PR Newswire). The costumes will be available exclusively through as of September 1, Original, Baja Blast, and Code Red will be $49.99, while Voo-Doo Grim is priced at $89.99. Fans are also invited to visit starting September 4 for an augmented reality experience and the chance to win prizes. 

Why did this iconic soda brand decide to go with Halloween costumes? "DEW has a history of treating fans during Halloween with our much-anticipated annual mystery flavor drop," Mountain Dew's Chief Marketing Officer said in the press release. "This year, we're excited to partner with Spirit Halloween to help DEW Nation take their Halloween to the next level." Speaking of flavors, Penn Live shares that the "Voo-Dew" flavor — this year's mystery drop — will be available as of September 22.  

If you're looking for an easy-yet-quirky costume for the scariest night of the year and are willing to spend a bit of cash, this may be the sweet, fizzy solution you've been looking for. Plus, you can tell everyone that your resemblance to an actual soda pop is "uncanny."