Andrew Zimmern's Secret Step To Leveling Up Burgers

Whether it's a Labor Day barbecue or a joyous meal any other time of year, it's always time to have family and friends over for the perfect hamburger. Hamburgers are part of the American fabric. This sandwich is such a large part of our DNA that Quartz reveals that if the amount of meat consumed by Americans were measured in burgers, the average person eats 2.4 burgers a day, adding up to a whopping 50 billion burgers a year. Yep, the United States thinks this staple is kind of sublime, and luckily Andrew Zimmern is sharing his secret step to leveling up this classic backyard picnic staple. 

Zimmern shares on his website that he likes to grind his meat and uses "a little chuck, a little short rib, maybe some brisket, and a decent amount of fat." However, if you aren't in the mood to grind your own meat, Zimmern recommends reaching for a grass-fed option because it will have "better flavor." The host of the Magnolia Network's "Family Dinner" confesses he prefers his burger made in a cast-iron pan instead of the grill, but regardless of how you choose to cook your burger, Zimmern's secret will make yours out of this world.

Try some compound butter

Taking to TikTok, Andrew Zimmern shares that if you want to create the best-tasting burger of your taste buds' dreams, you may want to try a pat of compound butter. Zimmern posted a video and captioned it with, "Level up your burger with compound butter. I made [mine] with my French Kiss seasoning from Badia spices." Observing Zimmern assemble his burger is like watching an artist create a sculpture. After placing his patty atop a perfectly sliced tomato and lettuce all on a toasted bun, the celebrity chef adds a pat of this herby butter that melts all over the meat. What does it do to the taste?

According to Zimmern's website, the melted, dripping butter imparts a "fantastic dairy flavor." The chef also reveals that he can't take credit for this butter burger, which he was apparently invented at Solley's in Milwaukee. This burger joint and its butter burgers are so popular that they've been featured on Food Network (via Facebook). Another great thing about Zimmern's compound butter recipe that once you make your log of butter, you can keep it in the fridge and use for up to a week, or freeze it and have it in your culinary arsenal for a couple of months, per Zimmern's website.