Does Armie Hammer Still Own BIRD Bakery?

Once one of Hollywood's most promising actors, "Call me By Your Name" star Armie Hammer's fall from grace has been a spectacle. According to his IMDb page, the formerly-lauded actor has been honored with dozens of awards and nominations including a Golden Globe nomination. Equal parts actor and entrepreneur, Hammer also opened BIRD Bakery with his now ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers in 2012. With storefronts in Texas and Colorado, BIRD Bakery says they're dedicated to using only the finest, freshest ingredients, meaning you'll never see day-old stale pastries on sale at any of their three locations (per BIRD Bakery). But since Hammer's defamation, customers are wondering if the alleged abuser is still associated with the bakery.

Following his divorce from Chambers in 2020 after 10 years of marriage, Hammer was accused of a series of heinous crimes when multiple women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and cannibalism. Despite Hammer's legal team refuting the accusations and a brief stint in rehab, more women came forward with detailed accounts of their encounters with the disgraced actor (per Vox). However, according to the Daily Mail, Hammer was not charged with any crimes following a nine-month investigation by the LAPD. Despite his claims of innocence, Hammer's deplorable behavior and malicious actions have rightfully ruined his reputation and potential to find work in Hollywood.

It appears Armie Hammer is no longer involved with BIRD Bakery

Elizabeth Chambers took to Instagram in 2021 to confront the accusations against Armie Hammer writing, "Heartbreak aside, I am listening, and will continue to listen and educate myself on these delicate matters. I didn't realize how much I didn't know." Since his defamation, Hammer has been cut off from his family's so called "dynasty" and lost access to their fortune (per Page Six). Hammer also appears to be completely broke, as Vanity Fair reports, he's working as a timeshare concierge in The Cayman Islands and long-time friend Robert Downey Jr. has financially supported him throughout the crisis.

Although Fox News reported that Chambers and Hammer were recently spotted in Los Angeles together following the sweeping media reports of his new "job," all mention of Hammer has been wiped from the BIRD Bakery website, listing only Elizabeth Chambers as the bakery's owner. The bakery also continues to operate in Texas and Colorado.

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