Pizza Hut Teased A Saucy Return On Twitter And Fans Are In A Tizzy

Pizza Hut has come put with a ton of fun, new concepts (like The Hut Lane, per CNN) over the past few years, and for better or worse, many came with a fair amount of fanfare. Its Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza brought the chain a variety of attention due to its inventive nature, even when it ultimately fell a bit short of expectations. And while the brand is most known for its pizza offerings which span pretty far and wide, it recently also added oven-baked pasta dishes to its menus, like Cheesy Alfredo Pasta and Italian Meats Pasta.

Now, one of those fan favorites seemed to have been deemed popular enough to inspire Pizza Hut to bring it back. Pizza Hut recently posted on Twitter that "A saucy icon is returning," noting that the icon in question will be revealed on August 30 to those signed up for Hut Rewards. The photo the caption sits upon seems to be a close-up image of the item in question, but no further details have been provided.

A plea for Pizza Hut's big reveal

Fans are clamoring to figure out what this "saucy" surprise might be, with one keen-eyed tweeter being one of a handful speculating that it could be "their version of the Detroit," referring to the brand's Detroit-style pizza. The pizza they are referring to was first introduced in 2021 as an iteration of the formal pizza of the same name, a rectangular-shaped pizza with a "crispy, thick, caramelized crust" and an at-the-time new "vine-ripened tomato sauce on top."

The tweet goes on to describe that pie as amazing and another user backed his assumption, although they merely called it "the pizza with the sauce on top." Others were not quite as sure what the returning menu item might be but merely shared their excitement to hear that a fan favorite was making a comeback, tweeting sentiments like "Can't wait," or the person who simply said "ermahgerd..." with a meme of a cartoon wolf whose eyes are popping out of its head. If nothing else, it is a mozzarella-topped mystery that Pizza Hut fans clearly cannot wait to solve.