The Mexican Breakfast Dish That Sends Eggs Through A 'Divorce'

What's in a name? Take breakfast, for example, also known as "the most important meal of the day," which breaks the fasting period from the end of the night before. When looking at countries that are crazy about the first meal of the day, Mexico is near the top. The typical Mexican breakfast really sticks to your ribs, and there's such a wide array of morning dishes from the country that it's tough to pick just one.

Mexperience made a list of classic Mexican breakfast foods, and you probably know some of them. For example, there's the chilaquiles recipe, consisting of tortilla chips paired with a sauce, eggs or chicken, onions, and cheese. That's a pretty filling breakfast that will surely keep your energy levels up through the day. Still, there are many others, such as the sweet bread called pan dulce and molletes, the tasty Mexican spin on open-faced sandwiches. And let's not forget about the many huevos (eggs) breakfast dishes, one of which even sends eggs through a "divorce."

Huevos divorciados are two fried eggs separated by two different sauces

Just like they are in many parts of the world, eggs are also a breakfast staple in Mexico. For example, huevos ahogados, or drowned eggs, are made with poached eggs that are "drowned" in a sauce consisting of tomatoes, garlic, chili peppers, and onions. The dish is served with tortillas to scoop up all the leftover salsa (via Hispanic Kitchen). On the other hand, the popular huevos rancheros recipe, or rancher's eggs, is made with a combination of tortillas, eggs, beans, and red salsa, although, nowadays, there are many modern variations on the dish. And a dish called huevos divorciados, AKA divorced eggs, is the most symbolic of all.

SBS reports that the dish consists of two fried eggs on corn tortillas. The "divorce" refers to the fact that each egg is served with a different sauce — one with mild green salsa and the other with hot red salsa, along with accompaniments such as guacamole, potatoes, or refried beans. This delicious breakfast dish is commonly garnished with crumbled pieces of queso fresco cheese and chopped cilantro, per Isabel Eats. As a final tip, Maricruz Avalos recommends pairing huevos divorciados with beverages such as orange juice or café de olla, a traditional coffee drink consisting of cinnamon and piloncillo sugar, for one of the most authentic Mexican breakfast experiences you can have.