The Pioneer Woman Blooper That's Almost Too Awkward To Watch

When "The Pioneer Woman" first aired on the Food Network in 2011, Ree Drummond rapidly turned into a household name. Viewers across the country loved tuning in to learn how to make Drummond's classic comfort food and hearty family meals. Things took a turn for Drummond in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down filming for her show (via The Pioneer Woman). Rather than stop production on the series altogether, the Oklahoma-native had an idea — why not make it a family project? "My mom texted us and was like, 'Can you guys help me film the show?'" Alex, Drummond's eldest daughter, revealed.

After that, the plan was set in motion. "Me, Alex, Stu, and Mauricio just started filming on our iPhones," Paige, Drummond's second eldest, explained. What initially started as a temporary fix soon turned into a longer-term commitment. Ever since, viewers have witnessed a lot of family shenanigans from piggyback rides to accidental kitchen fires to funny commentary surrounding Drummond's signature kimonos (via Instagram). And while filming "The Pioneer Woman" seems to be mostly fun and games for the Drummonds, there have been a few tense moments here and there. One strained moment occurred with one of the Pioneer Woman's kids when Drummond was teaching viewers how to make a delicious dessert.

Ree Drummond responded to crunching

In a particularly sweet Food Network episode of "The Pioneer Woman," Ree Drummond taught viewers how to make a Churro Chip Sundae. One moment that wasn't so sweet? When Drummond clapped back at her daughter.

After preparing the churro chip portion of the dessert, Drummond began to assemble the chips around the ice cream. As The Pioneer Woman was busy working her magic, Alex, the eldest Drummond child, stole a chip from the tray. As Alex took a bite of the chip, a loud crunch occured on camera. Drummond immediately bristled, "Alex, that's too noisy to eat while you're filming, I'm sorry. ... Everybody, we need to wait for Alex to finish eating her churro chip." Was The Pioneer Woman joking around or was she sort of serious? If you think that's bad, there have certainly been other times when Food Network shows outraged fans

As it turns out, Drummond's children are fairly aware of what tends to poke their mother's buttons. In another episode of "The Pioneer Woman," the host pointed out that her children weren't being as chatty as usual (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). Alex immediately explained why they were so quiet. "Well, you get mad at us when we talk sometimes." Paige jumped in and agreed with her sister. "Oh, it's hard being my daughter," Drummond responded humorously.