Fans Are Seriously Moved By Bobby Flay's Sweet Instagram Confession

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Fans love keeping up with their favorite Food Network stars, both in front of the camera and off-screen. One of the best parts of social media is that it's allowed audiences to have insights into their favorite celebs' personal lives, and seeing how the stars interact with their kids really helps to humanize them. Giada De Laurentiis' daughter Jade often makes an appearance in her Instagram and TikTok videos; Alex Guarnaschelli calls her daughter Ava her toughest food critic, and the two often answer fan Q&A's together on Guarnaschelli's Instagram stories; Bobby Flay's daughter, Sophie, has recently become a fixture of her celeb dad's career.

The duo created a podcast together called "Always Hungry," where they share each other's favorite foods and cook together. Flay's upcoming cookbook, "Sundays with Sophie," focuses on recipes he likes to cook for and eat with his daughter, and the duo starred in the show "The Flay List" together. Now, they're currently working together on a new Food Network show called "Bobby and Sophie on the Coast," and Flay recently took to social media to share the real reason why he wanted to create the show.

Flay answered fans' questions in a Q&A

In the first episode of "Bobby and Sophie on the Coast," Bobby Flay and his daughter Sophie Flay shared some adorable moments — like how Sophie told TV Insider, "I think I impressed my dad with my oyster-shucking skills." Flay's favorite day filming "Bobby & Sophie" is too wholesome: It was when the two went to a cat cafe together in Los Angeles. And when a fan recently asked Flay in his Instagram stories, "Tell me your fav part of this Bobby and Sophie moment!" Flay had the sweetest answer.

"@abc7Sophie doesn't know this," Flay said, tagging his daughter, "but I created this show just so I could hang out with her even more than we already do!" Fans found Flay's confession heartwarming. "I love your relationship with your beautiful daughter," said one. "So fun watching you and Sophie share food," said another. As for those who are already dreading the day when the last episode of "Bobby and Sophie on the Coast" airs, Flay told fans that there's more content from the father-daughter duo on the way: "Look for more 'Always Hungry' podcasts this fall," the chef said.