Blaze Pizza Is Rolling Out Some Exciting Back-To-School Offers

During busy evenings filled with scholastic events, many families of school-age children tend to be on the lookout for an easy meal in a hurry. Blaze Pizza's entire business model revolves around serving pies up quickly, and the fast-casual restaurant chain is set to emphasize that aspect as fall semesters begin at schools around the United States.

According to QSR Magazine, the founders of Blaze Pizza — Elise and Rick Wetzel, who also created Wetzel's Pretzels — modeled their pizza business in 2011 after their experiences dining at a fast-casual chain with a different emphasis: Chipotle. Now over a decade later, Scrape Hero says there are over 300 Blaze Pizza locations across the U.S., though almost 100 of those locations are in California, where the chain originated. If your dinner plans include hitting up one of those locations throughout September 2022, you can take advantage of special deals, especially if you're a teacher, a student, or a parent of a student.

Topping September with pizza promotions

In a press release this week, Blaze Pizza announced some new promotions that students and educators may want to know about. For starters, anyone who works in schools can show their school ID and get a free cheesy bread bundle with the purchase of any 11" pizza during September. If you fill up on free cheesy bread and don't finish the pizza you initially ordered, here's how Blaze Pizza recommends reheating its pies. The fast-casual chain will also be offering "online value specials" throughout September that all customers can take advantage of.

Blaze Pizza's other fall promotions consist of ways that both restaurants and students can give back. Firstly, the chain will be doing a G.O.A.T. ("greatest of all time") contest from August 24 through October 5. Blaze's Instagram account will be posting a reel with an apple emoji every week, and students can comment to submit nominations for their favorite teachers. Each week, Blaze Pizza will award one winning teacher with a $50 gift card plus $100 in credit toward a pizza party for their class.

There's one more way the pizza chain is helping out educators this fall. On its website, Blaze Pizza shares details about fundraising events that schools and other organizations can collaborate with the pizza chain on. While the hosts normally get 25% of the proceeds, the press release states that Blaze Pizza is adding an additional 5% to that share throughout September. All these programs could mean a lot of well-deserved dough, both edible and spendable, for teachers and support staff.