Reddit Is Fired Up About GBBO's Treatment Of Prue Leith

With a lifetime of credentials, "Great British Bake Off" judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith bring a professional edge to the amateur baking competition. Together, the pair apply their extensive culinary background to judge 12 amateur bakers over the 10-week, 30-challenge show to crown one contestant as the U.K.'s Best Amateur Baker. While both judges are beloved by many and define much of the show's success, some viewers feel like Leith is living in Hollywood's shadow.

Leith, who replaced long-time "Bake Off" judge Mary Berry in 2017, boasts a laundry list of qualifications that make her an expert critic. Following her tenure at Cordon Bleu Cookery School, she opened her namesake Michelin-star restaurant, Leith's (via Distractify). A chef and educator, she has opened two culinary schools — Leith's School of Food and Wine and Prue Leith Chefs Academy in South Africa. In addition to her frequent charity work and award-winning philanthropy, she has also published eight novels, three cookbooks, and a memoir. Yet despite Leith's accomplishments, "Bake Off" fans on Reddit say she doesn't get her due.

Viewers think Prue should have her own Hollywood handshake

Reddit thread is offering some fair criticisms on the "The Great British Bake Off" and qualms with the show's technical challenges, contestant time constraints, and the show's unfair treatment of Prue Leith. The person writes, "Why does it always feel like Prue is an afterthought? I understand Paul is the draw, but it does feel like it might as well be a one man show with how little Prue's opinion weighs." And other fans were quick to agree.

One person said that they think the iconic Hollywood handshake is a bit puffed up: "I hate the handshake thing. It feels so egotistical to me and I cringe every time it happens. Especially when the bakers can't help but ooh and ahh about it and applaud a handshake." And it appears Reddit isn't the only one wishing for more even weight among the judges. Even Leith herself has been quoted saying, "Pity I'm not the one who gives out handshakes" (per Huffington Post).

With Season 13 of "Bake Off" scheduled to air by the end of 2022 (per The List), fans are eager to see the producers take Leith more seriously, but only time will tell.