Costco Shoppers Are Raving Over A Particular Ice Cream Treat

While Summer may be just behind us and we're starting to head into the cooler season of Fall, it doesn't mean there won't be some warm days, and, even without a warm day, we can still indulge in a tasty cold treat once in a while.

That's where a Costco membership comes in handy for stocking up on favorite staples like Kirkland's Superior Premium Vanilla Ice Cream that Costco customers seem to love. It's the sort of thing you might deliberately go and buy a new freezer for just to fit in the ample stocks that you will find in the store.

Amongst the Kirkland branded items are a scattering of familiar brands that are available elsewhere, but in bulk and at heavily discounted prices. This particular ice cream treat may have brought up some nostalgia for kids of the '80s and '90s and many Instagrammers were happy to see this ice cream available in bulk.

The Chipwich is available at Costco

Costco now has The Original Chipwich — vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chunky chocolate chip cookies and rolled in more chocolate chips. Instagram user @costcobuys posted a picture of the 10-pack box saying, "Chipwich ice cream sandwiches from Costco are SO GOOD! These are made with premium vanilla ice cream and real chocolate chips!"

The Chipwich was invented in 1978 by Richard LaMotta and featured in Adweek's Hottest New Products of the Year in 1981 (per Chipwich). The company has changed owners a few times over the years and was ultimately sold to Nestlé, which paused production of the item because it competed with a similar ice cream sandwich the company made (per The New York Times). Thankfully, it was picked up again by Crave Better Foods and reappeared on the market in summer 2018, according to

In 2018, The New York Times said that it was one of the greatest frozen packaged treats. Instagram couldn't agree more. One Instagrammer said, "Nom nom nom brings us back to the good ol' days and ice cream trucks." Another Instagrammer wrote, "Went to buy one at Wawa the other day and it was almost $3. For one! This is a great deal." The 10-pack box is $11.99 at Costco.