Duff Goldman's Wholesome Cake Meme Had Twitter Laughing

Celebrities of Duff Goldman's caliber often have other people running their social media accounts for them, but we have a sneaking suspicion that the "Ace of Cakes" star posts on his channels himself. His content is a mix of photos of his family, desserts that he's made, and of course, memes. Even when the baker is not posting a meme, the caption usually reflects Goldman's fun personality. For example, he recently posted a photo on Instagram of his daughter, Josephine, at a hotel with the caption: "Hi. Welcome to the @hamptonbyhilton. I'm Josephine. Can I interest you in an omelette or a selection of breakfast sausages? Enjoy your stay. (This girl is ridiculous)."

The celebrity chef is especially active on Twitter, where he often posts multiple times a day about a variety of topics. Cinnabon recently tweeted "If this gets 100 likes in 5 mins then i get to go home early. PLEASE." Kind-hearted Goldman quote tweeted it and said "Help 'em out, y'all." The tweet ended up getting over 800 likes, and Cinnabon thanked Goldman for his help. The baker's social media is so casual and random that it makes him seem more approachable, especially when he posts wholesome cake memes like the one he shared recently on Twitter.

'I don't know who's making these but keep it up'

You can tell by scrolling through Duff Goldman's social channels that he loves a good meme, especially when it's about baking. Apparently, there's a meme account out there that is consistently posting photos of pastries that look like animals, and Goldman is here for it. The first one he posted on Instagram was of a croissant shaped like a shark, and the meme read: "hey babe is everything ok you haven't touched your croisshark." The baker clearly got a kick out of it and wrote in the Instagram caption: "The internet may be the downfall of democracy, intelligence, and morality ... but with gems like this I say it's a small price to pay."

The latest baked good in disguise was tiramisu shaped like a triceratops and followed the same format with the caption: "hey babe is everything ok you've barely touched any of your triceramisu," (via Twitter). The Food Network star shared the meme on the social media site and said "I don't know who's making these but keep it up." Goldman's Twitter followers were cracking up at the meme and one fan replied: "Eeer my geeerrr!! I wants one!" Another tweeter thought the celebrity chef was responsible for the memes, replying: "I thought it was you." Another of Goldman's followers commented that they were "partial to chocolate moose," and shared a cute photo of chocolate mousse with edible antlers, eyes, and a strawberry mouth.