What Happened To RuckPack After Shark Tank?

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Budding entrepreneurs dream of a chance to pitch their million-dollar idea to the team of "Shark Tank" investors. Some of the best foods and kitchen tools have come from the show, and those looking for a nutritious energy supplement might be impressed by Major Robert Dyer's "Shark Tank" idea.

Dyer appeared on the show in 2012 to sell his product, RuckPack, which is a simple energy shot designed to give someone a boost without facing the inevitable crash that comes with sugar-filled alternatives. He explained that he got the idea from spending time in the Marines when he'd often be out at work and wished he'd had something to increase his energy during the long days.

In his pitch to the sharks, Dyer sought $75,000 for a 10% stake in his company. Kevin O'Leary made him an offer worth exactly what he was asking, and guest shark Robert Herjavec wanted to join in, too. The two sharks offered a deal worth double — $150,000 for 20%. Dyer took the deal, but where is RuckPack 10 years later?

RuckPack is still available for purchase

The good news is that RuckPack is still on the market. The brand's website is still up and running, and consumers can choose between three flavors to purchase — raspberry, citrus, and strawberry. A variety pack including all three is available as well, and those who are true fans of the brand can purchase a t-shirt. The product differs from a typical energy drink in that each one is only three ounces.

A 15-pack of shots costs $50, while the variety pack of six retails for $21. A subscription service for the product is available, allowing those who use it frequently to save 15% off the price by automatically having a pack of energy shots sent to them on a regular basis.

As far as where to buy the product, it appears that RuckPack is only available through its own website. Mashed did find a former listing on Amazon, but the product is no longer available. An internet search did not yield any results in big box stores such as Target or Walmart, either.

RuckPack has been featured in various media outlets

Since its "Shark Tank" appearance, RuckPack has shared its story in a number of ways. According to its website, the product was featured in People Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as on Bloomberg Radio and Fox News' "Fox & Friends." The website also notes that representatives of the brand were previously invited to speak at the White House.

RuckPack claims to donate a portion of its profits to charity. The brand gives "a minimum of 5%" of its profits to charities and nonprofits around the United States, though it doesn't list the charities to which it gives.

Ultimately, it's unclear how much RuckPack has benefitted from its "Shark Tank" appearance. The brand is still in business and appears to have a decent Instagram following, but the energy drink seems to only be available online. Mashed could not find RuckPack's sales history or other opportunities outside of its online presence.