The State With Its Own Annual Lefse Festival

Nothing says comfort food like loading up on carbs while eating a couple of pieces of fluffy, buttery lefse. This traditional flatbread comes from the Land of the Midnight Sun aka Norway and is a potato lover's dream all wrapped into a warm, soft pancake-like mouthful. It's one of the country's household staples and is enjoyed by Norwegian-Americans during the Christmas holiday using family recipes that honor their heritage (via NPR). The recipe for Scandinavian lefse is a simple one that takes just 20 minutes to cook after preparing the mashed potato dough.

You'll commonly see lefse filled with either sweet or savory ingredients. Whether you're using it as a wrap to hold together cured meats and cheese, or you want to satisfy your sweet tooth by lathering it in jam and cinnamon, there are so many ways to enjoy this versatile dish, Fjord Tours says. In Norway, you can buy this flatbread at markets the same way you'd buy a pack of tortillas at the store, but it doesn't quite compare to the homemade goodness of making your very own delicious batch.

For one particular U.S. state, lefse is celebrated annually due to the Scandinavian immigration that happened in the late 1800s and early 1900s (via State Historical Society of North Dakota). Traditions, recipes passed down for generations, and rich culture took up roots here, and this unique festival offers lefse galore every August.

The largest Scandinavian festival in the U.S. offers lefse at its finest

Norsk Høstfest is North America's largest Scandinavian Festival that was founded in 1978 to celebrate the Nordic heritage of Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark (via Only in Your State). Thousands of people flock to Minot, North Dakota, each year to partake in authentic Scandinavian cuisine, check out the art and handcrafted wares, and see performances by well-known music groups. Each country is represented individually so visitors can feel more immersed in their cultures. And, of course, your taste buds can experience genuine lefse at its finest at one of the several vendors offering it.

This flatbread is such an essential Nordic dish that Norsk Høstfest even hosts its own massive lefse-making competition where recipes are judged before moving on to the next round (via Norsk Høstfest). Imagine how heavenly prize-winning lefse must taste. With so many ways to enjoy this traditional dish and the potential of endlessly combining flavor profiles with it, trying a lefse recipe out could be just what your pantry needs. Also, since it's ultra-portable, it makes for a great snack to grab with coffee or as a source of energy when you're out hiking for the day. Your tortilla meals just got a massive upgrade.