Every Twizzler Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

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For those who love soft, chewy, and sweet candy as a snack, or at the movies, Twizzlers are a candy that you will either scoff (and turn your head at) or enjoy to the fullest. Twizzlers can be considered a more "hit or miss" kind of candy due to its likeness to licorice — either you love it or hate it. Those who do love the rope-like candy might carry around a pack of the tasty sticks for a snack or treat — the chewy, fruity texture and flavor is what really sells it.

When you think of Twizzler flavors you might think: Black Licorice and red strawberry. Believe it or not, however, there are many different kinds of Twizzlers — Key Lime Pie and chocolate are only a couple you may not know about. But lucky you! Because you'll find a whole world of Twizzler flavors in this article, as we rank them from worst to best. You may already be a huge fan of the standard Twizzler flavors — or maybe you're new to the Twizzler craze — either way, you're, uh, in for a treat. Because with multiple flavors here, no doubt you'll be happily surprised. And who knows, maybe you'll finally convince that Twizzler skeptic in your life that these things are worth a go!  


It's an interesting idea: Take something that you know is widely adored by candy lovers, and attempt to use that flavor in a different candy. We think you might want to avoid chocolate Twizzlers, however. Theoretically, it sounds like a good idea, but considering that this brand is attempting to combine a licorice-like candy with chocolate, we feel as though some theories should probably just, well, stay theories. Twizzlers Twists Hershey's Chocolate Licorice is a candy that attempts to take the blissful flavor of chocolate and combine it with their chewy candy — and for the most part, we say that it fails.

Sure, you'll find some people who like it, but that's probably because they're huge fans of Twizzlers — and also that it doesn't actually taste too much like chocolate. Even then, there are Twizzlers fans who are disappointed by the flavor, claiming that it's not very flavorful, and even going as far as to describe the candy as waxy (via Amazon). If you like chocolate — and, of course, we're assuming you do — we're sorry to say that you'll likely be disappointed with this candy. We love Hershey's as much as the next candy lover. But in Twizzler form? That's a hard no! 

Green Apple

Green apples are commonly associated with apple pies and cobblers — and in terms of candy, the iconic green apple flavored Jolly Ranchers and Laffy Taffy. But in terms of Twizzlers? You may be surprised to know that the brand features a green apple flavored licorice candy among their products. Twizzlers Green Apple Pull 'n' Peel Licorice Twists are a bit thicker than your average Twizzler piece, as you can pull them apart to enjoy bit by bit. However, we aren't entirely sure you'd want to enjoy this green colored Twizzlers candy, because it tastes less like a green apple taffy, and more like disappointment.

The flavor of this Twizzler candy doesn't actually taste like a crisp, green apple. Instead, it tastes closer to your typical Twizzler, except with less of a strawberry flavor, and more of something we can't exactly put our finger on. One reviewer on Amazon describes the candy as having, "a generic, semi-sweet flavor with a slightly strange odor," while another compares the taste of it to the smell of play-dough (via Amazon). Of all the Twizzler flavors on the market, we probably wouldn't have the green apple Twizzlers anywhere near our flavor of choice.

Pull 'n' Peel Watermelon

Summer is the perfect time to have a fruity, sweet treat to stay cool over the hot season. For some people, this takes the form of a juicy watermelon, or watermelon flavored item, like soda, slushie, or sherbet. Fortunately, you don't need to wait for summer to enjoy watermelon flavored treats. But we aren't entirely sure you'd enjoy watermelon Twizzlers any season of the year. Twizzler's Pull 'n' Peel Watermelon Licorice Candy is made up of green and red candy pieces twisted together, so it gets points for presentation.

However, we're more concerned with the flavor — the watermelon Twizzlers fail on that front. This candy isn't that easy to find, and that's okay, because it doesn't taste good enough to be worth the hassle of finding them. We didn't expect it to taste exactly like a fresh watermelon, but this doesn't even come close. Numerous reviews agree that the flavor doesn't taste anything like watermelon, and that they prefer other flavors. And we totally agree. This Twizzler is a definite pass! 

Tropical Blast

The next flavor takes on a more tropical tone. Twizzlers Tropical Blast pack contains pink guava and paradise punch flavored candy sticks. You can't get either of these flavors apart from the other, so we have to rank them as one. This isn't the most popular Twizzlers product by any means, but there isn't anyone saying anything overtly terrible about the flavor. The candies are filled with flavoring — so they are soft and a little more chewy — but overall, Tropical Blast is not the most impressive set of Twizzlers.

We like that there are two kinds of tropical fruit flavors within this pack, but neither flavor really stands out. While some people enjoy this flavor, most aren't that impressed by the Tropical Blast flavor (via Amazon). The filling is nice, and the candy is much softer than a normal Twizzler, but that — along with a more unique, fruity flavor — is about all the candy has going for it. This is a flavor you likely won't be too disappointed by, but you aren't missing out if you skip it. 

Strawberry Smoothie

What's a good way to cool off during summer? How about a popsicle or smoothie? Twizzlers can't be made into smoothies (that we know of) but this next candy takes the flavor of a smoothie, and turns it into a licorice-like candy. The Strawberry Smoothie Twizzlers are bright red and loaded with a sweet strawberry filling, reminiscent of a strawberry — you guessed it — smoothie. If anything screams strawberry other than their original flavor, this Twizzler candy does it — though we aren't sure it does so in the best way. While we expect our candy to be sweet, sometimes treats can be a little too sweet.

The Strawberry Smoothie Twizzler is sweet, sugary, and full of the strawberry flavor we love and expect from Twizzlers. Some people feel as though it doesn't taste enough like strawberry, while others deem it overly sweet (via Amazon). If you're okay with super sweet candies, then this sugary Twizzler flavor is something you'll appreciate. If you're expecting a bit more flavor, however, you might want to look at other candies in general. 

Twisted Strawberry Blast

When spring rolls around, that calls for bright colors and, of course, sweet candy. Around Easter, Twizzlers released a Pull 'n' Peel Twisted Strawberry Blast candy, which is a lot like the Watermelon flavored Twizzlers in terms of its twisted, pull-apart nature, but quite different in terms of flavor. Appearance wise, it's a combination of a light blue, yellow, and pink colors, so it definitely reminds us of the beautiful spring season in that regard. The real question is, does its flavor live up to the look? The answer is yes, but there is one aspect to this candy that makes it a little less appealing than the others.

This candy is colorful, fruity, and sweet — when Twizzlers work with strawberry flavored candy, they do incredibly well. The fact that you can pull it apart or eat it whole is enjoyable as well. However, this candy has only been around during the Easter season, so if you see any offerings online, there's a chance they're a little old (via Walmart). While Strawberry Blast tasted great, we aren't sure if Twizzlers will bring it back — so even though candy doesn't expire too quickly in most cases, we suggest you purchase this flavor with caution.

Black Licorice

The next flavor is one of Twizzlers more popular ones, and you're going to need to hear us out in terms of its placement. Twizzler candy is similar to licorice, but it's not exactly licorice. According to Times Mojo, the candy isn't actually licorice, or made out of licorice, but is flavored with artificial ingredients instead. The one exception, however, is the licorice flavor — but the point we're trying to make is that even if you like Twizzlers, you may not like licorice. Yes, if Twizzlers are your favorite candy, then you may really like licorice (and licorice flavored candies), but otherwise, you may not like this licorice flavor of candy.

If you're part of the licorice-flavored-Twizzlers-lovers-club — and there's a surprisingly decent amount of people who are (via Amazon) — then good on you. This candy would definitely rank higher if more people liked licorice, but sadly, that's not the case. If you like licorice, then we could definitely see why this would be your favorite flavor. However, if you don't like licorice in general, then there's also a chance you may not like this Twizzler flavor — because of that, we can't rank this flavor any higher.

Sweet & Sour

Most Twizzlers are sweet, but some of the Twizzlers flavors take on a more sour flavor to accompany the sweetness. The next pack of Twizzlers on our list is the Sweet & Sour Cherry Kick Citrus Punch filled twists. The red cherry flavored Twizzlers complement the sour lemon candy, making up a solid flavor combination. Clearly, there's a strong fanbase for sour sweets — why else would Sour Patch be so popular? This candy takes on that sweet-sour combination that we all know and love, and puts it in Twizzler form.

Like most Twizzlers, this candy tastes nothing like the fruit, but that's not what it's going for, so we aren't docking points for that. They taste like any good sweet and sour candy, and are soft, chewy, and delicious. They aren't as easy to find as the regular or licorice Twizzlers, and they aren't as sour as true fans of sour candy enjoy, but they still taste pretty good. One reviewer compares them to Now & Laters, another incredible fruity candy. Overall, this is a solid flavor, and we could definitely see ourselves enjoying it from time to time — finding it, on the other hand, is another story.

Orange Cream

There's something special about an ice cold Orange Cream Pop. Sugary and citrus-y, it's the perfect treat to have when you're craving something frozen and sweet, especially those who love orange or citrus flavored foods. If you love orange cream desserts, then you'll love this next dessert, which is the Orange Cream Pop Twizzlers. These brightly colored Twizzlers are a lot like the classic ice cream — it has a bright, orange-colored exterior; on the inside, they're filled with a citrus-y cream, similar to the inside of a Creamsicle. Just as the frozen dessert is absolutely delicious, these candies will leave you wanting more.

The Orange Cream Pop is fantastic, with a decent cream-to-candy ratio — each bite will leave you satisfied with a citrus-y, cream filled delight. The flavor is spot on, and though the argument can be made that this candy is, "Way too sweet" (via Walmart), overall, this is a pretty solid Twizzlers flavor. We recommend trying it, and we can definitely see ourselves using this to top cupcakes, sundaes, or some other dessert.


Think of an iconic, well known, red-colored candy flavor. Cherry, right? Even if it wasn't, there's no denying that cherry flavored candies have become a staple among sweets — cherry Jolly Ranchers and Lifesavers come to mind. Sweet and stain-your-tongue-red satisfying, cherry candy is one of the best. That also includes Twizzlers Pull 'n' Peel Cherry Cerise, which looks a lot like the strawberry flavored Twizzlers, but with a different fruity, fun, and fantastic flavor.

You likely won't find this candy as easily as the original Twizzlers, but if you do happen across it, you'll be met with a candy that tastes quite similar to lots of the other cherry candies out on the market. They're soft, chewy, and you can pull 'em apart and take your time to enjoy them. Many Twizzlers fans claim this flavor as their favorite, saying that it tastes spot on in terms of cherry-ness. Other than one may mistake this candy for another flavor upon first glance, there's nothing really bad we can say with regard to the cherry flavor. You'll more than likely enjoy Cherry Cerise, so feel free to give it a try the next time you see it around.


At the top of the list, we have Rainbow Twizzlers. This pack doesn't just contain one or two flavors, but six. Within each pack of the rainbow assortment, you'll find grape, orange, strawberry, lemonade, watermelon, and blue raspberry. All unique, fun, and differently colored flavors, so even if you aren't a fan of one flavor, you'll probably find something you love in this mix. 

Blue raspberry, orange, and the classic strawberry are super enjoyable. But if you aren't a fan of, say, grape and lemonade Twizzlers — or even orange flavor — we recommend choosing another pack altogether. Because you'll end up trashing much of the bag and, well, that's just wasteful. Why do we love Rainbow Twizzlers? It's the variety that gives it a sweet thumbs up!  

Key Lime Pie

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But when life gives you limes, you can do a whole lot more. Margaritas, lime soda and, of course, key lime pie are some of the best lime-flavored foods and beverages around. Twizzlers Key Lime Pie Twists are a bright lime green flavored candy, and are not only twistable, but tasty as well. The last purely green colored Twizzler candy on this list was the green apple flavor — which wasn't so great — but we're happy to report that the Key Lime Pie flavored Twizzlers taste much better.

Lime is a flavor that some might find too tangy. This candy is a lot more subtle in its tartness, however, so even if you don't like Key Lime Pie, you can still enjoy this flavor without being overwhelmed by the lime. It's a wonderfully balanced flavor — sweet and chewy, while lightly tart and tangy. Some have remarked that this is the best Twizzler flavor they ever had — and if you've ever had a good Key Lime Pie, then you may agree with them. We definitely suggest you give this flavor a chance the next time you see it.

Sugar Free

For those looking for snacks and treats with lower sugar, but still want to enjoy the classic treats they know and love, low-sugar candies are a blessing in disguise. But usually, the decrease or removal of sugar means flavor is sacrificed. That's why you might be a little skeptical to see us ranking this next Twizzlers package so highly. Here, we have the Zero Sugar Strawberry Twizzlers. It might be surprising, but this flavor is excellent!

The sugar-free take on this candy tastes a whole lot like the original — texture, taste, and even sweetness are all on point. Yeah, there are signs it's sugar free. For example, it isn't as sugary, but the strawberry flavor is still prevalent in every bite. If you're looking for candy with a lower sugar content, but still want to enjoy the scrumptious taste of a pack of Twizzlers, then we think you'll love this sugar-free candy.


In every candy aisle, there's bound to be a brand's original — the one that kicked it all off — and when it comes to Twizzlers, it's the dark red candy sticks you'll find stuffed onto the shelves. The original Twizzlers candy is the most popular product under the Twizzler name, and for good reason. The iconic string-like candy is either loved or hated by candy fans, but if you've gotten this far on our list, you know why this classic ranks so high. Sweet, fruity, and full of strawberry flavor, this one's hard to beat.

If you've had Twizzlers before, you probably know how incredible this flavor is. You can use it as a topping for sweet treats, decoration for cupcakes or cake, or even as a standalone snack to have at the movie theater. No matter how you have them, this candy is superb. If any one flavor has earned its rise to fame under the Twizzler brand, it's the original.