Jet-Puffed's New Flavors Are Exactly What You'd Expect For Fall

The marshmallow has never been one to toot its own horn. It is, after all, a modest confection that rarely takes center stage, but instead opts to team up with other edibles to create yummy treats. Without this trusty, pillow-like candy, there would be no Rice Krispies squares, butterscotch confetti, fluffernutters, or s'mores. The marshmallow is mightier than it appears; it's a key ingredient in many of America's favorite snacks. But despite the marshmallow's presence in pantries across the nation, there are many things about this staple that you may not know. 

Do you know, for instance, how the marshmallow got its name? It comes down to how marshmallows were really made in the past. CBC explains that years ago, people used the mallow flower's root to flavor marshmallows. And, interestingly, this plant grows in marshlands. Ligonier, Indiana hosts a Marshmallow Festival every September boasting a car show, live music, a parade, food, and more, per (Although, as the South Florida Reporter says, if you possess a fear of marshmallows — otherwise known as althaiophobia — this festival is the last place you'd want to be.) Americans buy more marshmallows than anyone else, consuming 90 million pounds each year, with the bulk being purchased "during October and December," per the National Confectioners Association. Americans clearly have a high regard for the marshmallow and all it can accomplish. 

You're almost up-to-speed on the requisite marshmallow facts, but there's one piece of information missing. How will the fall season impact the squishy treat? 

Jet-Puffed has announced two fall-themed marshmallow flavors

First things first. No fall would be complete without a host of pumpkin spice-infused products to choose from. And, thankfully, marshmallow-lovers will not be left out of this action. That's right. Jet-Puffed's pumpkin spice marshmallows will be making their way to store shelves soon. As Southern Living proclaims, these tan pumpkin shapes (shouldn't they be orange?) are "tiny flavor bombs of pumpkin spice and everything nice." 

The limited-edition flavor is sharing the autumnal attention with another seasonal offering: Jet-Puffed candy corn. Not only is this treat candy corn-flavored, but it also looks like a perfect marshmallowy version of the Halloween treat classic. Both Jet-Puffed flavors will be available at Target and Walmart stores from coast-to-coast this fall. 

Whether you want to eat them just as they are, add them to a steamy mug of hot cocoa, or use them in place of traditional marshmallows in your next baking project, these are sure to make your fall a little more fun. So, who's up for candy corn fluffernutters or pumpkin spice Rice Krispie squares? Or how about a variation of this 3-Ingredient Marshmallow Pumpkin Cake Recipe? No matter what you decide upon, the marshmallow is always eager to lend a helping hand.