Why Guy Fieri Apologized To Parents For 'Guy's Ultimate Game Night'

Even if you don't regularly watch Food Network, you know who Guy Fieri is, and you know he has a bunch of TV shows. Naturally, all of his shows revolve around food, whether he's driving around to various restaurants in "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" or cooking up some crazy cooking challenges on "Guy's Grocery Games."

Fieri's latest show, "Guy's Ultimate Game Night," carries on with the food fun, but in a slightly different way than we've previously seen. According to Food Network, Fieri describes the show as "if you put a game show, late night talk show, and a food competition show in a blender." Sounds about right. In addition to chefs, the new show welcomes countless celebrities from beyond the culinary realm for trivia and games inspired by Pictionary, Hot Potato, Charades, and others. However, after the show's premiere on August 31, Fieri issued an apology to parents in regard to one particular game. 

Guy Fieri encourages kids to play with their food, but eat it, too

We're all familiar with the phrase "don't play with your food." Always ruins a good time, right? Not for Guy Fieri, who inadvertently encouraged kids to continue to play with their food during the premiere of "Guy's Ultimate Game Night." The game in question challenged contestants to build a house with breakfast foods.

Per USA Today, Fieri apologized to parents for any ideas kids might get. However, he also encouraged parents to let their kids be creative with their food, so long as they eat it after they're done playing.

In fact, despite the popularity of the aforementioned phrase, many experts say it's actually good to let kids play with their food. As well as fostering creativity and confidence, playing with food helps get kids interested in food and cooking (via Action for Healthy Kids). For simple recipes your child can help with, check out our list of the best recipes to make with your kids.