White Castle Is Growing Its 1921 Slider Lineup With 2 Brand-New Options

Practically on the heels of White Castle's 1921 Slider, the burger restaurant is further expanding its already beloved menu, according to a company press release. The chain, which launched its original slider in — you guessed it — 1921, made the burger a permanent menu item in April to much fanfare.

These days, White Castle isn't the only fast food restaurant that people turn to for itty-bitty burgers. Krystal, Burger King, and other menus also feature the miniature meal option, which is great news for people who don't live anywhere near a White Castle store. Although the century-old chain is continuing its westward expansion, it's still dominantly positioned in Florida, the east coast, and the Midwest, per Forbes. The word slider is said to have been coined to describe the small burgers back in the 1940s. The burgers were described by U.S. Navy sailors as being greasy enough "to slide down their throats," especially thanks to their pocket-sized stature, according to Texas Chicken and Burgers. 

Thanks to the apparent success of the recently relaunched 1921 Slider, which the chain describes as a "favorite among cravers," White Castle is now adding additional options to the menu.

The new incarnations of White Castle's 1921 slider

The classic version of The 1921 Slider is billed as being made with a seared and seasoned 100% all beef patty, served covered in cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, roma tomato slice, and pickles, all on "White Castle's signature bun," according to menu.

The first of the two new variations is The 1921 BBQ Bacon Slider, which in addition to everything the original offers, also comes topped with smoked cheddar cheese, bacon, and honey barbeque sauce by Sweet Baby Ray's, per the press release. Then there's The 1921 Ghost Slider, which is a spicier take on the original, thanks to its ghost pepper cheese slice, described as a "creamy jack cheese" that is also "infused with flakes of ghost peppers, one of the hottest peppers on the planet."

The only catch about these new slider options is that they are available only until the end of November. With these sweet, savory, and spicy slider options, it seems like White Castle is serving up something for everyone, even if it is only for a hot minute.