Instagram Is In Shambles Over Giada De Laurentiis' Latest Video

If you're someone who's in a position of influence, you have to expect a public opinion when putting yourself out there. You can try to steer the conversation in a positive direction, but you're likely to fall short sometimes. Chef Gordon Ramsay knows this well after posting a video from his YouTube series "Scrambled: On The Road" last year. In the video, he was visiting Puerto Rico and claiming to cook up authentic Pegao. Not long after, the comments section came alive. "You took what was the closest you ever came to real Pegao and turned it into mediocre fried rice," someone wrote. Another comment read, "In my 30 years I've never seen someone murder the meaning of Pegao like you've done Gordon."

Last month, Brooklyn Beckham also faced internet backlash after posting a pizza-making video to Instagram. Some comments included, "The poorest looking pizza in my life," and, "Just. Stop." Yesterday, it was Giada De Laurentiis' turn, but you may not expect the detail people took issue with.

Instagrammers thought Giada De Laurentiis appeared to waste food

Yesterday, September 1, Giada De Laurentiis posted a video to Instagram that appeared to be teasing an upcoming project. "LA, something fun is in the works ... #giadacatering coming soon!" the caption read. The video began with the chef getting her makeup and hair touched up. Then, she grabbed balls of pasta and started throwing them at the camera. Presumably, the repeated food tossing occurred in order to get the perfect shot. Though the chef was smiling in the video, she may have lost her smile upon seeing how the comment section reacted to food waste.

One comment read, "People are going hungry and she's throwing food like that?" More echoed, "As much as I respect you, throwing food out is not a thing," and "It's troubling to see hair combing around food and then throwing food and wasting it ... Not good, not who I think Giada is." Another pointed to De Laurentiis not checking her privilege, "Giada!!! Don't waste food just because you are rich! This surprises me coming from you."

At the time of this writing, De Laurentiis hasn't addressed any of the comments.