The Most Overrated Martini, According To Bartenders

Step up to any bar, and you'll hear a slew of popular cocktail orders. Beyond the bar's specialty cocktails, you'll hear orders for classics such as the old fashioned, the gin and tonic, and other favorites. But while a good bartender will mix up your requested drink without complaint, there are a few drink orders that may make the bartender at your local watering hole roll their eyes.

Mandatory asked bartenders from around the country their takes on the most overrated cocktails of all time. Responses ranged from the dirty martini to Long Island iced teas. Some bartenders chose their picks based on lack of complex flavors or lack of creativity, but one response stood out with its visceral passion. 

According to one Vermont-based mixologist and bartender, "The apple martini is not only the worst cocktail ever made, it is the most overrated. People who order apple martinis should be watched closely, as they are a liability to themselves and the people around them."

What's the deal with apple martinis?

So, why all the hate for an apple martini, or "appletini," and why did it gain the overrated status that it has? According to one Reddit thread, the drink's modern popularity could potentially be traced back to the cult favorite show "Scrubs." During one episode, Zach Braff's character, J.D., is known for liking appletinis that are "easy on the 'tini." The original poster on the Reddit thread offers a recipe for an apple martini that's "easy on the 'tini," made with one part vodka and two parts Sour Apple Pucker. 

But apple martinis haven't only received their share of the limelight on "Scrubs." The cocktail also made appearances on "How I Met Your Mother," "Modern Family," "Two And a Half Men," and "Mr. Robot," notes Paste. If you watch the occasional sitcom, it's likely you're familiar with this cocktail, which has become somewhat of a joke drink for those who want a cocktail that tastes more like Jolly Rancher than spirit. 

However, the drink's history goes back further than just the last few decades of television. It was, according to Punch, invented in West Hollywood in the 1990s, after which it received waves of popularity, only gaining its joke status (and its visceral hate) relatively recently. And while the drink is a bit of a joke for some, it's still a go-to bar order for others. Drink it if you want — but don't be surprised if your bartender rolls their eyes.