The Egg Sandwich That's Making Reddit Slightly Uncomfortable

Although everyone has unique tastes, we can probably agree that some combinations are just weird. For instance, as trendy as peanut butter and mayo sandwiches are (via Food52), that may not seem like the most appetizing combo.

Other weird childhood sandwich combos include mayo, ketchup, and potato chips; bananas, mayo, and sugar; and peanut butter with olives. According to Food Republic, others have enjoyed the sandwich combinations of cheese, bananas, and vanilla pudding; peanut butter and spicy pickled mango; and cream cheese and pepper. To be fair, we can understand throwing weird ingredients together as a child –- because didn't we all do that? However, adult palettes are usually a little more refined.

Reddit definitely seems to agree, clearly taken aback after one user posted about their favorite sandwich with another strange combination. Needless to say, some Redditors were horrified, and others tried to be supportive even if they personally wouldn't touch the sandwich with a 10-foot pole. 

Would you eat a peanut butter and egg sandwich?

The Reddit thread for r/eggs went nuts after the poster uploaded a picture of their favorite combination, claiming that "peanut butter and egg sandwiches are the best." The sandwich appears to be sitting in a puddle of runny egg yolk.

After another user asked about the preparation process, the poster clarified that they first fry the bread in butter, then fry two eggs. They then spread crunchy peanut butter on both slices of bread and layer on the fried eggs for "a wonderful mess." A couple of people said the sandwich sounded good, but others flatly refused to so much as to consider trying the combination.

However, one Reddit commenter had an inspiring response. Although initially admitting that "this concept makes me slightly uncomfortable," they went on to try to understand. They explained that "the majority of individuals deny themselves genuine pleasures because of presuppositions, so I try to try everything once." What a great outlook on life! Besides, how can you say for sure that you don't like something if you've never tried it?