Every Burger At Wahlburgers Ranked Worst To Best

Wahlberg is one of those last names most people have heard of, and it is totally synonymous with fame. Three Wahlberg brothers, Donnie, Mark, and Paul, have each carved their own path to fortune in pretty epic ways. Donnie fronted the insanely popular boy band New Kids On The Block back in the '80s (via Biography). If you know even a little bit about the action movies Hollywood cranks out, then you're certainly familiar with Mark, the heavy-hitting action star who kicks butt and saves the day in every flick he's in. And then there's Paul, who opted out of the Hollywood spotlight to create a chain of restaurants aptly called Wahlburgers, because you can't spend all day on a movie set or a music stage without developing a mean appetite for great food.

The first Wahlburgers opened its doors in 2011. The restaurant chain now has locations in more than 20 states plus Australia, Canada, and Germany. The establishment serves up a variety of fare, including, of course, burgers! If you're looking to cop yourself a great burger and happen to be in the vicinity of a Wahlburgers, head on in and check out the selection. However, keep this list in mind when perusing the burger options, as some of the choices are more worth your time and money than others. These are the burgers at Wahlburgers, ranked worst to first.

7. Our Burger

The best thing about burgers is that you can mix and match so many different combinations of ingredients to make them as epic, or as basic, as you want. Your appetite might crave loud and vibrant flavors one day and simple, mellow flavors the next. Well, if your appetite tells you it wants something basic without any bells and whistles shouting at you from in between the bun, the Our Burger at Wahlburgers is your best bet. It's not that it's an unappetizing burger; there's just nothing unique about it.

The ingredient list here is pretty straightforward. You get a beef patty with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickles and Wahl sauce (a spicy mayo-based condiment). There are no curveballs thrown with this burger or any flavor profile that hits your palate in a unique way. It's a standard burger with all the standard toppings. But, if you go to Wahlburgers looking for something that's satisfyingly basic, then the Our Burger is definitely the one you'll want to order up.

6. Double Decker Burger

When it comes to pleasing that greedy beast in your belly who lurks in the dark and begins screaming out when it wants attention, you often need to go big in order to calm it down. That means doubling down on your food order sometimes, or else suffering the endless wails of your gut monster. When it comes to burgers, doubling down means slapping a second burger patty in between those buns for an extra-rich meat extravaganza sure to quell your appetite's angst. At Wahlburgers, you can order up the Double Decker Burger to get that two-patty fix.

The Double Decker Burger is essentially the Our Burger with an additional patty. This means you get two juicy beef patties with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and the signature Wahl sauce to bring all the ingredients together. The burger is thick and filling, and every ingredient plays the role it's supposed to. You can never go wrong with the standard lettuce-tomato-onion-pickle combo, so if you're looking for something that'll fill your belly to the brim without throwing you for any flavor loops, this is the road to travel.

5. Impossible Burger

Nowadays, with people keeping an extra close eye on their health and the kinds of food they're putting into their bodies, plant-based foods have become a prevalent part of our diet. Instead of containing a lot of saturated fats and sodium, plant-based products offer the same flavor (sometimes) but without all the stuff that doctors implore us to avoid. Well, Wahlburgers has an option for those looking to stray away from the cholesterol found in red meat. It offers the Impossible Burger.

The plant-based patty on this menu option comes with smoked cheddar, lettuce, caramelized onions, house-made chili-spiced tomatoes, and Wahl sauce. Now, let's be honest: Creating a plant-based burger that tastes completely identical to an all-beef patty is nearly, well ... impossible. However, this patty does a decent job of it, and it's the fixings that make this worth your money. The heat from the chili-spiced tomatoes and the sweetness of the onions play well alongside each other, and the whole sandwich has a pleasant smokiness from the cheddar. It's a good option for anyone avoiding meat.

4. O.F.D. Burger

Originally from Dorchester. That's what O.F.D. stands for with this burger. The name refers to a neighborhood in Massachusetts where the Wahlberg boys grew up (via Britannica), so what better way to pay respect to a childhood memory than name a burger after it. And, the ingredients in the O.F.D. are pretty darn tasty when they all come together. When you order this item, you get two beef patties, Swiss cheese instead of American cheese, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and tomato jam.

This burger is super rich thanks to the double patties and the bacon. However, that's not a bad thing. The bacon is thick cut and has all that run-down-your-chin fat that makes bacon so darn good. The sautéed mushrooms give the meat a great earthy taste, and the tomato jam is bright and sweet and cuts through the richness of all of the protein. It's really the tomato jam that's the star of the show here, helping everything else to never feel overwhelmingly heavy. If you like mushrooms on your burger, this is a solid option to order.

3. BBQ Bacon Burger

The flavor of barbecue is a hard thing to pass up when the carnivore in you starts a ruckus in your stomach. The smoky and zesty taste pairs so well with just about any meat, and when you do love barbecue, once you get that craving, you know you can't just settle for something else. That's why when you're at Wahlburgers and that craving for all things barbecue strikes like a flavor-packed lightning bolt, you have to go with the BBQ Bacon Burger.

The ingredients on this burger all join forces to create one heck of a flavor bomb for your palate that's sure to scratch the itch of anyone craving that great barbecue taste. You get a beef patty topped with white cheddar, bacon, fresh jalapeños, avocado spread, and, of course, zesty barbecue sauce. The bacon is rich and salty but never overwhelmingly so. The fresh jalapeños lend each bite a bright kick of heat, and the avocado spread is so creamy and cool, it complements the heat from the peppers perfectly. Tie everything together with a great-tasting barbecue sauce, and you have a slam-dunk sandwich.

2. Super Melt Burger

What happens when you crave both a burger and a grilled cheese? You know if you eat both of them in one sitting, your stomach will have a very stern talk with you later that day, and you don't want that. Well, at Wahlburgers, you don't have to worry about choosing between the two. You can just order up the Super Melt Burger, and get the best of both worlds. Part grilled cheese, part burger, this one is all awesome.

The Super Melt comes with two beef patties nestled in between fresh thick-cut bread. On top of the patties is American cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, pickles, and house-made mustard. This is a grilled cheese on steroids, and that's a good thing. The patties are super juicy, and the bacon is crispy and fatty, making for one heck of a protein punch. The sweetness of the caramelized onions and the vinegar from the pickles cut right through the fatty richness of the meat, and the vibrant tang from the mustard brings everything together under one delicious roof.

1. Fiesta Burger

Whenever you order food, you should always try to order something that's gonna throw a party for your palate. Why settle for something basic when you can mix together flavors that are gonna break out the metaphorical horns and confetti and sing so loud in your mouth that you feel like dancing yourself? A fiesta is a great thing, which is why you'd be making a huge mistake by not ordering the Fiesta Burger at Wahlburgers. This burger is ready to party, and it wants you to join.

When you show up to party with the Fiesta Burger, prepare yourself for a whole lotta flavor. The burger comes with two beef patties that are dusted in a house-made southwestern spice rub, which gives the meat a vibrant kick of heat. The burger is topped with pepper jack cheese, fresh jalapeños, lettuce, house-made smoked pepper salsa, pickles, and chipotle mayo. To say this thing erupts with flavor is a huge understatement. Every bite has a wonderful kick of heat that's never too much to handle, but it lets you know it's there. The coolness of the salsa cranks the heat down while the chipotle mayo and jalapeños turn it up. The combination of the two temperatures is perfect. This is one party on a burger you won't want to end.