The Aldi Pie That's Making Shoppers Rush To The Store

With fall just around the corner, that means it's almost pie season. From pumpkin pie to praline pie, the versatile baked good is a benchmark of cooler weather and tradition during the holiday season. But just like most baked foods, you can trade the sugar and cream for salt and protein to make a savory pie designed for year-round indulgence. And as it turns out, there's no better place to look for an affordable, umami-rich pie than Aldi.

Recently, the discount grocery store added Natchitoches meat pies to their shelves and fans are rejoicing (per Reddit). One post includes a picture of the product's '80s-inspired packaging with the caption, "These Louisiana meat pies are amazing!" And it seems like other Aldi fans agree. One person commented, "Nice find! I'll have to keep an eye out." Even critical comments are laced with praise as one person likened them to an under-seasoned Jamaican beef patty, but went on to write, "That still looks good. Don't get me wrong."

The new item honors Louisiana's official state food

Now gaining nationwide popularity, meat pies are nothing new to the culinary masterminds of the Pelican State. In fact, meat pies are the official state food of Louisiana and originated in the small town of Natchitoches (per The Smithsonian). Similar to an empanada, meat pies are typically made with simple yet filling ingredients including beef, pork, onion, and bell pepper, and its flour casing can either be baked or fried (per Natchitoches Visitors Bureau).

An authentic offering, Aldi actually partnered with the official Natchitoches Meat Pie Company to sell one that's historically accurate and made to bonafide perfection. And just like the original, Aldi's meat pies will run you about 280 calories — a fair number considering it's filled with such sinful southern ingredients. Although the price isn't listed on the Aldi website, customers can expect the same low prices they always offer. So next time you're craving some cajun cooking, you may want to give these signature meat pies a try.