Papa Johns Just Scored A Touchdown With Its New Pizza

Papa Johns has been stepping up its innovation game lately. The respectful third-place fast food pizza joint, behind Domino's and Pizza Hut, has always maintained its pace as a go-to spot for those looking for a quick slice or pie. And while it has invented some new and steadfast innovations in the past, including the first pizza dipping sauce (per Eater) and the first nationwide online ordering system, both of which are staples in the fast food pizza world today. 

But lately, their new menu items have stepped up a notch as well. In late August, as an homage to the new Game of Thrones spin-off series, Papa Johns created a limited-time Dragon Flame pizza made with several types of meat and fiery spice, per Food Beast. According to a press release, the chain also recently branched out beyond pizza, adding Papa Bowls to its repertoire, an innovation that includes all the flavors of various pizzas without a trace of bread. Now, the company has announced a new offering that they hope to have all eyes on during football season (via Business Wire).

Will this flavor score?

Papa Johns is spearheading football feasts with its latest venture. As a follow-up to its February survey of football fans' pizza preferences that resulted in renewed attention to its NY Style pizza, the company is leaning even further into the sporty spirit by releasing a Football Pizza starting August 29th (via Business Wire). The aptly named pie is exactly what you're imagining — a pizza in the shape of a football. 

The pizza is described as "a crispy thin crust" which "is then topped with cheese and Papa Johns signature pepperoni," a football fan-favorite topping also discovered in their survey. "We are always thinking outside of the (pizza) box when it comes to innovation ... Football Pizza is just another fun way for us to bring our premium ingredients to consumers, during a key pizza-eating occasion," the chain's Senior Vice President of Menu Strategy and Product Innovation stated. It costs $10.99 and will be available across the country.

Reviewers like Peep This Out on YouTube seem to think the release is right in time for the football season and admire the attention to detail like the laces one would typically find on the pigskin. Another YouTube reviewer, The Endorsement, found it to be well-rounded in terms of crunch and topping and gave it an 88/100. Seems like those who've tasted think this one is scoring on all accounts.