Domino's Just Announced An Exciting Discount For Customers Who Order Online

If you've been to the grocery store, a restaurant, or ordered delivery or take-out recently, then chances are you've noticed that food prices have gotten really expensive (per the Washington Post). Pork's inflation will give you sticker shock, and some of the anti-inflation meals Twitter users have come up with are so unappealing, that they might actually be more effective as appetite suppressants than anything else.

Because food is so expensive right now, lots of shoppers are looking for ways to lower their food bills. Digital coupons are one way that consumers are saving. In 2021, people were using coupons more than ever, and brands were quick to react. According to Convenience Store News, brands gave out 28% more digital coupons in 2021 than in 2020. With inflation even worse in 2022 than in 2021, we can only hypothesize that the thirst for digital coupons on both the consumer and brand side has increased. In fact, some food businesses are even directly addressing inflation in their latest ad campaigns, including pizza chain Domino's, which just unveiled an "Inflation Relief Deal."

This Domino's deal is for a limited time

Domino's just announced its new "Inflation Relief Deal," and it's a pretty broad discount. The chain is offering customers 20% off of all menu-priced items (meaning it's not valid with any special offers or other discounts), and the offer can be used on both delivery and pick-up orders. Domino's President of U.S. and Global Services Joe Jordan said in a press release, "Nobody has been spared from inflation, including restaurants. We want to give customers a break, as they've been emptying their pockets all summer long, but shouldn't have to for delicious pizza."

Consumers really might be desperate for good deals on pizza these days. In July of 2022, it was found that frozen pizza was among the hardest-hit categories when it comes to inflation, with prices up 2.8% from June, and a whopping 18% since 2021 (via Food Business News). Big pizza chains haven't been immune, either. Recently, Papa John's raised prices by 7%, and when Domino's increased the price of its plain delivery pizzas by 16%, it saw sales drop by 3.6% (via Yahoo Finances). It seems like the chain is hoping its online discount will be enough to bring in more customers, regardless of rising prices.