The Limited Time Breakfast Combo IHOP Fans Should Know About

Nothing beats a combo meal when you're hungry and looking for variety, and IHOP has never been a stranger to offering them. Just last month, the brand announced a Choice Menu that helps customers get exactly what they need out of their combination, per Forbes. "With more than 20 griddle flavors on our menu, there's a ton of choice for our guests, including our world-famous buttermilk pancakes, crepes and French toast to build into a combo of your liking," IHOP Chief Marketing Officer Kieran Donahue said about the Choice Menu at its time of release.

According to Revenue Management Solutions data, the desire to choose a combo meal is not an uncommon one (via Statistics revealed that out of 800 U.S. diners, 65% of them had ordered a combo meal within the month before the survey was conducted. It also uncovered that the largest demographic for ordering these meals is millennials with families. Hopefully, millennials are reading this right now, as IHOP just came out with a new beloved combo option.

It only costs $5

For a limited time, IHOP will be offering a 2x2x2 Breakfast Combo for just $5 at participating locations, according to Brand Eating. This dine-in only offer includes two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, and two pieces of hickory-smoked bacon. According to IHOP's website, the pancakes can be substituted for a flavored variety for an upcharge. The eggs can be prepared in six ways: scrambled, over easy, over medium, over hard, sunny side up, or in the form of egg whites. Additionally, the bacon can be switched for sausage links or the turkey variety of either option. Per Thrillist, the limited-time deal is currently on offer but will come to an end on October 2.

A week ago, a Redditor posted about IHOP's 2x2x2 meal. "A 2x2x2 at my local IHOP is $10 so that's a huge price cut," one excited commenter wrote. Another Reddit user reiterates the need to check in with your local IHOP before ordering the meal. "Only one location in my area actually [offers these deals]," they wrote. To see if your local IHOP is honoring the deal, you can visit the store finder and give them a call.