Amie Watson

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Montreal, Canada
Concordia University, McGill University
Healthy Food, Sake, Gluten-Free Food
  • Amie spent a week at the Modernist Cuisine Test Kitchen in Bellevue, Washington learning to use a centrifuge to make fig juice, a Pacojet to make dairy-free macadamia nut gelato, and spherified passionfruit pearls.
  • She took a WSET Level 3 sake course to understand koji, rice production, yeasts, and how to taste.
  • Amie grows black chickpeas, French sorrel, and heaps of raspberries.


Amie Watson is a Montreal-based freelance food, travel, and tech writer, television and radio contributor, podcast host, and founder of the Fork That app. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveller UK, the Montreal Gazette, enRoute Magazine, and the Globe & Mail. She's also worked with Forbes,, and Menu Aruba and Barbados magazines, travelling to the Caribbean multiple times a year to profile chefs, restaurant owners, and bartenders and develop recipes with them.


Amie graduated with a Masters in music and went back to school for journalism, always wanting to be a food and travel writer.
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