Audur Banks

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Central Coast, CA
California State University East Bay
Quick Recipes, Coffee, Wine, Healthy Food
  • Audur was born and raised in Iceland, where the food is exceptional. Since moving to California, she has focused on finding the best food that can compare to the quality of Icelandic food.
  • She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and has 10 years of nutritional experience in relation to health and exercise.
  • Audur has coached women about a balanced relationship with food for over five years through her blog, social media, and personal training.


Audur is a writer, food lover, personal trainer, and coffee lover. She gets her taste for good food from the high quality ingredients she grew up using in Iceland. Now, in California, she focuses on fresh ingredients and quick recipes for her busy lifestyle. With her nutritional experience from her years as a personal trainer, Audur focuses on nourishment but is a big believer in indulging in good food and snacks with friends as well.


Audur has a bachelor's degree in business administration from Cal State East Bay with a marketing focus. She has since studied copywriting by learning from experts in the field.
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