Carly Koemptgen

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Seattle, WA
The University Of Iowa
Food Writing, Social Media, Content Production
  • Carly has been writing about food since 2015 with the inception of her own blog. While the blog is no longer active, Carly continues to post food content to her personal Instagram as well as create content for various food brands.
  • During her time at the University of Iowa, Carly acted as the Marketing Director for Spoon University, where she oversaw the marketing for the Iowa chapter of an online food magazine.
  • With experience in both journalistic writing and content production, Carly blends her expertise with a taste for adventure.


Carly has been writing about food since 2015, with the inception of her blog called Prominent Youth. She has since shifted her focus to creating content specifically for food brands and posting about food in a more casual manner on her personal social media accounts. Carly also had the opportunity to drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile across the United States, where she was able to connect with customers in-person throughout the country. She currently works as an account manager at a marketing agency and writes for Mashed in her free time. If she's not online, you can find her hiking, hammocking, or trying a new local restaurant.


Carly studied Journalism & Mass Communication and Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Iowa, where she was able to combine her love for storytelling with traditional business practices.
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