12 Hotel Breakfast Buffets Ranked From Worst To Best

Whether your trip is filled with chill, poolside hangs, action-packed adventures, or serious business matters, one thing is certain: breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. When traveling, it's common to feel a little off balance when you're not sticking to your daily routine, so fueling up in the morning with a tasty and nourishing breakfast is a must. With many hotels offering at least some sort of breakfast option, any traveler should be able to find something to satisfy their morning cravings.

However, not all hotels are created equal when it comes to breakfast. Since there are a variety of different hotel chains, breakfast offerings vary greatly by region, seasonal offerings, and the company itself. From the infamous DIY waffle maker that excited all of us as children, to the increasing popularity of grab-and-go options, and endless coffee options, these are the best and worst hotel breakfast offerings.

12. Drury Inn & Suites

Although the breakfast at the Drury Inn & Suites is still up for debate, it comes up as one of the top results when you search "worst hotel breakfast". One Redditor (who mentioned they have more than a decade of experience in hospitality management) said that "The Drury has probably the worst breakfast. It is a budget copy of Hampton and Fairfield, which you will see as it doesn't have bacon and the waffles are of poorer quality. The eggs are also very low quality." 

In another TripAdvisor review, someone mentioned that, "the sleep was kinda good, but the breakfast ruined everything. Everything in there tasted ... stale ... Biscuits were old & the sausage was nasty. I can still bring that awful taste to my mouth by thinking about it. Worst breakfast on the whole trip. My mom couldn't even eat it. This should be called 'Dreary Inn'." Touché.

11. Days Inn by Wyndham

You might know Days Inn by its super cheap nightly rates, and it sounds like the breakfast quality is reflected in the price. On one hand, you get an affordable place to stay with breakfast included, but you also might not get a complete breakfast. One person shared that the free breakfast at the Days Inn in Albany, New York was "possibly the worst hotel breakfast." They went on to explain that the offerings included bread and bagels with a toaster, but no cream cheese or anything besides butter. They also mentioned that there were sugary cereal offerings, but no milk. The saddest part was the small fridge labeled "cheese omelet", which contained slices of cheese and two boiled eggs

Another reviewer noted at a different location in Lawrenceville, Georgia that the toaster for the bread and bagels was broken, as well as the juice machine, making it their worst hotel breakfast experience ever. Maybe the hotel was going for a more conceptual idea of breakfast? Either way, you should probably skip the Days Inn if you're looking for a nourishing breakfast.

10. Super 8 by Wyndham

Another one of Wydnham's budget hotel offerings, the Super 8 boasts a similar poor breakfast rating to its sister company Day's Inn. One reviewer on TripAdvisor explained that the Super 8 they stayed at didn't have any hot options for breakfast at all. They said, "the breakfast was the worst I've seen at a hotel (yogurt, cereal, bread-still in the bag that everyone has to put their hands in, muffins, premade waffles and apples and brown spotted bananas)." 

Free breakfast is probably better than no breakfast, but the lack of offerings makes this breakfast buffet worthy of skipping. If you're looking for a breakfast that will actually keep you fueled for the morning, and not something described as "terrible breakfast," you may want to splurge on something at a local spot instead. But hey, if you're into bread that everyone else has touched and spotted bananas, the Super 8 may be a super option for you!

9. Extended Stay America

While extended stay hotels often have kitchenettes in the guest rooms that make it easy to whip up your own breakfast, one reviewer noted that the kitchen in their room was "unusable," making it impossible to make themselves a hot breakfast. But even with a kitchenette, sometimes all you want is a complimentary breakfast that's already been made for you. However, it sounds like that's not the case at Extended Stay America.  Some of the hotel's locations don't even offer breakfast at all, but the ones that do look dismal. 

One person claimed that the "free" breakfast was actually just prepackaged granola bars and oatmeal. As another reviewer put it, "an oatmeal bar is NOT BREAKFAST." Seems valid. At a budget hotel, one might expect some cut corners, but one reviewer said, "I feel that for the price we paid we could have stayed somewhere much nicer. Maybe someplace that served an actual breakfast."

8. Econo Lodge

As the name might suggest, the Econo Lodge is definitely an economical option for any budget traveler, so don't expect the breakfast buffet to be any good. Reviews from different locations detail questionable eggs, flavorless gravy, and disgusting coffee. One reviewer claimed that the breakfast was "practically inedible." They went on to detail what they saw at the breakfast buffet, including dried-out scrambled eggs, biscuits but no gravy, and an orange juice dispenser that dispensed water instead of orange juice. Additionally, the reviewer claimed that the apple juice was a "strange brown color" that "did not look safe to drink." They ended the review with, "it was the worst breakfast bar I have EVER seen. I think if the health department were to do an inspection, it would definitely be rated F." With that information, it might be a good idea to steer clear of the Econo Lodge if you're looking for an edible breakfast buffet.

7. Comfort Inn & Suites

Choice Hotels, which owns the aforementioned Econo Lodge among other middle-to-low-tier hotels, doesn't exactly have the best reputation when it comes to breakfasts. One review on TripAdvisor starts out with, "I normally stay at Choice hotels. I normally am very pleased." However, their stay in Washington, DC didn't meet expectations at all. They went on to detail what exactly they saw at the breakfast bar, writing, "they had something but it wasn't edible breakfast. And I particularly loved the orange colored water. I think it was supposed to pretend to be orange juice." No thanks! 

Another reviewer noted that the quality of the breakfast simply did not reflect the price of the room at the Morro Bay, California location. "When you pay your hotel room close to 300 U.S. Dollars, you expect a little bit more than the awful low-quality breakfast that they serve you. This was terrible and unacceptable at this price level." Step your game up, Comfort Inn.

6. Holiday Inn Express

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a regular Holiday Inn and a Holiday Inn Express? The differences are minimal, but per Quora, the biggest one is that a Holiday Inn generally has a restaurant attached that may serve breakfast for an additional charge, while a Holiday Inn Express simply has a free breakfast area. 

The Holiday Inn Express boasts a variety of breakfast options, from the aforementioned "minimal" breakfast items like toast and cereal to a full hot meal. Their breakfast offerings vary by location, but will generally include some sort of egg, breakfast meat, and their one-of-a-kind "Stack Station" that churns out fresh pancakes for any guest willing to wait just one minute for a hot, fresh pancake. While the details of how this machine can produce a perfect pancake in such little time are still unclear, surely, we all can agree that this is a life-changing breakfast buffet invention and worth a stop at a Holiday Inn Express, right?

5. Residence Inn by Marriott

At this point, Marriott is a household name known for their higher-end hotels, but their subsidiaries also keep up the stellar brand image with some amazing breakfasts. The Residence Inn is geared towards people looking for a longer-term stay, with kitchenettes in most guest rooms, but you won't have to turn on your stove for a good breakfast. Just head towards the lobby for a variety of breakfast options, from the standard eggs & bacon to a buffet of cold options including fruit, yogurt, and cheese. 

If you're not into hot coffee, the Residence Inn also offers a coffee bar at most locations as well as a variety of tea options. And the party doesn't stop there. Many Residence Inn locations also offer a happy hour with small bites and beverages in the late afternoon hours. So if you're really looking to get a bang for your foodie buck, book a stay at the Residence Inn and soak up all the breakfast buffet and other food options offered with your stay.

4. Embassy Suites

Even the name Embassy Suites makes the place sound regal, but the brand truly lives up to its name with something for everyone at their breakfast bar. One reviewer noted, "selection at the buffet section is fairly extensive with selections of pastries and other breakfast standard items, but the made-to-order omelet bar is excellent." With standard options like yogurt, fresh fruit, coffee, and eggs, most Embassy Suites also boast a made-to-order omelet station which skyrockets this place into the top hotel breakfast rankings. 

The fully staffed omelet station can make any creation you want, taking into consideration any dietary restrictions you may have. Want only egg whites in your omelet? You've got it. Need it to be made in a pan that didn't have any meat products in it previously? Done. Want to stuff it full of every veggie imaginable? Absolutely. The options are endless at the Embassy Suites breakfast bar, and you're sure to find something satisfying to fuel your travels here.

3. Hampton Inn

Middle-tier hotel aficionados rejoice! The Hampton Inn truly is truly one of the best affordable hotels that also offers a high-quality stay, with breakfast included. Almost every Hampton Inn has a self-serve waffle maker, which is adored by adults and children alike. The Hilton website announced a revamp of the waffle situation in 2019 that states, "Hampton's classic Malted Vanilla waffle is now joined by four new mouthwatering flavors –- including Blueberry, Chocolate, Banana Bread and Cinnamon Roll –- available in regular and mini sizes on a rotating schedule."

If the variety of waffle flavors weren't enough, most locations also offer a variety of toppings, from chocolate chips to fruit and whipped cream. If you're not a big fan of sweet breakfasts, you likely can find something else at their fully stocked breakfast bar. Whether you want to sit down and enjoy a hot plate of scrambled eggs and bacon or you'd rather get on with your day and grab a Chobani Greek yogurt smoothie, the Hampton Inn's got you covered with all your breakfast needs.

2. Hyatt Place

While the Hyatt Place doesn't always offer a standard breakfast buffet like the others, it's the unique options that really makes them stand out. Depending on the day and location, guests can choose from options including breakfast sandwiches, made-to-order omelets, and an oatmeal bar. That's right, no unappetizing spotted bananas here. As of 2018, they also offered French toast, which is a hot commodity in the hotel breakfast world. In 2017, the chain also announced their new breakfast bowl option, where guests can customize a breakfast bowl with things like eggs, sausage, potatoes, and gravy. They also offer sweet breakfast bowl options, like yogurt parfaits and steel-cut oats. What the Hyatt Place sacrifices in variety, they make up for in quality. Yes, the breakfast offerings do seem to change every so often, but they always look very appealing. You won't be disappointed by the hot breakfast at this hotel.

1. Homewood Suites

Another Hilton hotel ranked among the top breakfast options, the Homewood Suites has a breakfast buffet that's a step above the rest. It's not free — or even cheap — but there are several different buffet price options to choose from. The options are anything but standard and include the usual eggs and bacon along with more unique offerings like reindeer sausage and jumbo cinnamon rolls. It's also the care that goes into the breakfast that makes this place rank at the top. 

One TripAdvisor reviewer said that, "The highlight of this stay is definitely the breakfast! There was staff that constantly refilled all the breakfast stations and wiped down every corner. Food was fresh, even the fresh fruits." When someone says breakfast was the highlight of their stay, you have to believe them. And it's not very often that someone mentions the hotel staff and their role in the breakfast operations. These people work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the breakfast is hot and ready when the guests wake up in the morning.