Chloe Nannestad

Photo of Chloe Nannestad
Wellington, New Zealand
Columbia University
Celebrity Chefs, Dessert, Ingredients
  • Chloe has made it her mission to try the national dish of every country she has been to (24 and counting!).
  • Trained in anthropology, Chloe can talk for hours about how much a culture is informed and defined by its food choices and patterns.
  • Despite inconsistent baking results, Chloe has hopes that she will one day figure out how to use yeast properly.


Chloe is a freelance writer working toward a Master's degree in Environmental Studies. She has written for Mashed, Reader's Digest, and Tasting Table. She enjoys hiking, HGTV, and halloumi.


Despite always wanting to be a writer, Chloe got her degree in anthropology rather than creative writing. She finds that her anthropological training gives her a holistic framework to understand cultures and human behaviors, which she finds feeds and informs her writing in a unique way.
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