Domenic Edwards

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Cheltenham, United Kingdom
University Of Gloucestershire
Restaurant Reviews, Home Baking, Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Domenic contributes food and travel writing to the Daily Mail -- the U.K.'s leading national newspaper.
  • He is a commissioned playwright, and his debut play, "Pinfall," was performed at the Stroud Theatre Festival in 2018.
  • With an Italian background, Domenic spends his free time in the kitchen perfecting the authentic recipes his grandma taught him over the years since he was a boy.


Born into a household filled with multiple nationalities spanning two continents, Domenic has always been surrounded by exciting and unique flavors, dishes, and spices, sparking his curiosity in food and culinary writing. An avid storyteller, Domenic studied creative writing before becoming a freelance writer, building a wealth of experience at well-known brands and agencies over the last four years. Absorbing as much knowledge as possible while writing for various niches, he found his footing writing content focused on word cuisine, restaurant reviews, and travel writing.


Domenic obtained an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at the University of Gloucestershire, one of the U.K.'s most renowned for the degree found in the picturesque Cotswolds. After achieving top marks, Domenic continued to build on his education by completing a master's degree in Creative Writing and Critical Thinking, once again at the University of Gloucestershire. During his education, he also served as the president of the creative writing society, where he organized open mics, poetry slams, and other bookish events for his peers.
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