Donella Crigger

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Concord University
Home Cooking, Fast Food, Food Hacks
  • Donella began freelance writing as early as 2009, transitioning to writing full-time in 2013 to pursue her lifelong passion.
  • She owns and operates several blogs. The primary blog, Glue Sticks & Gumdrops, is where she writes about kids' crafts, food, and household tips. She also has a blog dedicated to smoothies.
  • She works with several recipe bloggers to help them create SEO-optimized posts for their food blogs.


Donella fell in love with words in elementary school and has been a voracious writer and reader ever since. She has over nine years of experience writing for a variety of online publications, including many popular food, craft, and lifestyle blogs, such as One Crazy House and The Fact Site. When she's not writing, you'll find her reading, combing through cookbooks, or whipping something up in the kitchen.


Donella received her RBA with an emphasis in Biology from Concord University, a small college in wild, wonderful West Virginia. Her love of science and food explains why she's Alton Brown's biggest fan.
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