Louise Pieterse

Photo of Louise Pieterse
South Africa
University Of Pretoria
National Dishes, Foreign Fast Food, Viticulture
  • Louise learned how to make the best egg coffee from a local shop owner in a remote corner of northern Vietnam.
  • She can debone a chicken faster than she can run a mile.
  • Her home is regularly invaded by dozens of ex-pats begging for her home-cooked festive dishes when they feel homesick.


Louise started her journey as a journalist working in the music industry as a writer, PR and Publishing whizz, and photographer. But that simply wasn't enough and she soon packed up her life, ventured abroad, and started exploring remote corners of the globe. She channeled her expertise and experiences into a full-time career as a travel writer and copy creator and is now a fully-fledged one-woman show, serving clients across multiple genres.


Louise has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Pretoria in South Africa.
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