The 13 Most Bizarre Lunches Ever Made On Mythical Kitchen

Good Mythical Morning has created an internet empire but none of its spinoffs intrigue us quite as much as Mythical Kitchen. With its weird and wonderful food creations, it has breathed new life into the world of YouTube cooking, inspiring us to get creative, make a mess, and add Flamin' Hot Cheetos to absolutely everything. At the helm of it is Mythical Chef Josh, a self-taught cook who knows no limits and enjoys long-winded monologues about essentially everything and nothing all at once.

The Mythical Kitchen produces dishes for the main GMM channel but often indulges us in some behind-the-scenes content to show us how it makes its crazy creations. What often starts as a head-scratching bizarre dish is quickly transformed into something that makes our mouths water over our keyboards. The cooky combinations and newfangled creations are painstakingly executed, mostly cooked from scratch, and infused with flavors in every way imaginable. We can spend all day philosophizing over the channel's inventions but we will let their dishes speak for themselves. Here is a look at the 13 most bizarre lunches ever made in the Mythical Kitchen and why we want to try them (or not).

1. PB&J sushi

Parents packing intricate bento box lunches are all the rage on the internet these days. None of us had panda-shaped sandwiches and kombucha-infused fruit rollups growing up, but it seems like Generation Alpha needs some extra love at lunchtime.

Mythical Chef Josh, right on trend as always, has started his own little series of parody lunchbox TikToks and has us scratching our heads a little more than usual. One episode, in particular, caught our attention for the simple reason that we are actually curious to try his absurd creation. PB&J is a classic combo that can do no wrong, but can it be elevated with some seaweed and rice? Look at what sushi did for the humble cucumber.

Only with the addition of 4 ounces of raw liver and some tapeworm meds from Tijuana do we start to rethink our life choices. One viewer perfectly summed up their viewing experience by commenting: "This is like watching an AI trying to draw hands. It kinda gets it, but really also kinda doesn't."

2. Takis grilled cheese

Nothing is more comforting that a gooey grilled cheese for lunch. But what happens when you infuse it with a beloved rolled Mexican corn chip? Chef Josh goes far beyond the realm of what is considered normal in a kitchen and blows us away time after time with bizarre creations like this Takis grilled cheese.

For this lip-smacking lunch, he materializes a dream that we never knew we had. He incorporates various flavors of Takis into every aspect of a grilled cheese lunch. Starting with the cheese, he creates a pimento pepper cream cheese spread that he blends with Fuego Takis, adding a zesty hot chili pepper and lime tang to the spread. Next, he makes tomato soup that will knock your socks off. He thickens his soup with Nitro Takis that bring the heat with their habanero flavor but also perfectly complement the basil with their slight cucumber and lime flavor. The last step is to crust the bread with some crushed Takis, add some pepper jack and Takis cream cheese, and get grilling. 

If you aren't feeling so fancy, you can also try making his simplified version by crusting your bread in crushed Takis and deep frying it. Layer some American cheese and pepper jack onto your fried bread and pop it in the oven to melt. It is undoubtedly easier and no less sinful and indulgent.

3. Mountain Dew Twinkies

When you opened your lunchbox as a kid and saw either a Twinkie or Mountain Dew, you felt like a king. But could you ever imagine a fusion of these two polar opposites? Soft and sweet meets fizzy and tart. Mythical chefs Nicole and Josh decided to answer this question and went all out in the Mythical Kitchen to recreate this classic lunch snack with a new-age twist.

The pair starts by mixing the cake batter and infusing it with orange juice and lime extracts, the two key flavors of Mountain Dew (the third of which is poison according to Nicole). They have also been reducing some Mountain Dew off-screen to create a slimy green reduction for the batter.

The filling introduces Mountain Dew Code Red to give the Twinkie a cherry kick. Their green and red lunchbox monstrosity did not go down well at the tasting table and we can imagine why. Swapping the comforting vanilla flavor of a classic Twinkie for the overload of tartness that Mountain Dew brings creates a taste sensation that we will leave to the ultra-adventurous.

4. All kinds of nuggets

Whether you like them air fried or fresh from Mcdonald's, everyone can agree that a nugget is the ultimate lunchtime treat. But in true Mythical Kitchen style, they had to go and fix something that's not broken. The team decided to create 9 new nuggets and pit them against a classic chicken nugget to see if they can find a more delicious alternative to this lunchtime staple.

The options ranged from classic meats like lamb, pork, turkey, and beef to the more interesting options like salmon, ostrich, buffalo, elk, and gator meat. As standalone proteins, these all have their place, but there is something about the concept of grinding them up into a meaty sludge that just doesn't sit right with us. A blind taste test was conducted where Josh and Lily tried them all, with some startling results. In dead last was the elk with salmon following shortly on its heels. But by some miracle ostrich won. They couldn't even correctly identify a chicken nugget among the bunch and even flinched a little at its taste. Maybe it is not the be-all-and-end-all of the nugget world after all.

Ostrich is a complex meat with a deep red color and texture like beef, a rich flavor with subtle nutty and sweet notes, and a lean structure like turkey meat. Could this be the shake-up the nugget world needs to keep things interesting?

5. Clear ramen

Some things should just remain a mystery. And the question "what happens when you make ramen invisible" should have been one of them. Chef Josh cooked up clear ramen because it reminds him of his roommate, Brett, who he claims turns invisible during the full moon. He goes all out to create a delectable clear broth, make his ramen noodles clear, and top it off with a clear egg.

In recent years, chefs have created clear pumpkin pie and clear potato chips,but this ramen recipe is a little more complex. Ramen is known for its bold flavors, multiple textures and ingredients, and a distinct variety of colors. There is nothing pretty about the broth-making process Josh undertakes and we struggle to imagine how a watery clear broth can still contain all the hearty umami flavors we know and love from a dark ramen broth.

Things really kick into overdrive when he creates a clear egg. He adds lava salt to some gelatin to give it a sulphuric property, replicating probably the least appetizing part of an egg's flavor. This salt is used in vegan egg dishes to give them more of that distinct eggy flavor, but moderation is key. After his Sporked co-worker provides a second opinion, we "clearly" know this is one lunch we would not like to try.

6. Spam jalapeño poppers

Jalapeño poppers are a fun and spicy lunchtime snack that you can quickly toss in the air fryer but they can be pricy with all that bacon and cream cheese. Can Spam be a cheap alternative? Chef Josh, ever the nostalgic Midwesterner, decided to opt for a childhood favorite of his and add Spam to a classic jalapeño popper.

He combines some quick-pickled jalapeños with cream cheese and cheddar cheese — all still pretty stock standard at this point. But his meat addition to the poppers is fried Spam cubes and instead of breading his popper balls he stuffs the mixture into sushi rice and fries them up. Josh's knees almost buckle from the sheer awesomeness of his creation and you can definitely color us intrigued.

Half of the magic of the Mythical Kitchen is what chef Josh comes up on the fly with while cooking. In this particular episode, he makes himself a little lunchtime snack in between jalapeño pickling and Spam chopping. He takes two large square slices of Spam, stacks them with some fresh jalapeños, and slathers some cream cheese in between. This creation is slightly more offensive to our senses and we would rather skip lunch if this is what is on offer.

7. Kimchi bacon ramen Big Mac

One of the very first features on Mythical Kitchen was "Future Fast Food," a series where Josh tried to predict the next big thing on your takeaway menu. Kimchi was all the rage back in 2019 and mythical Chef Josh found himself under the glow of the golden arches, wondering how McDonald's could incorporate this trendy food item in the future. His solution was an out-of-this-world kimchi creation in which he Koreanized almost every aspect of the Big Mac.

The classic Big Mac jingle has now been turned into "Two all-beef bulgogi patties, special kimchi sauce, lettuce, kim-cheese, pickles, and onions on a ramen bun." It doesn't have quite the same ring to it but we are willing to give it a try. For an extra punch, he adds kimchi candied bacon to bring the whole creation together. Forget about the fact that it takes hours to prep; the final assembly seems pretty straightforward and absolutely something McDonald's could implement in the future.

A Big Mac has been the ultimate lazy person's lunch since 1967 but this futuristic reincarnation might just be our new dream. Getting in all that fermented goodness while still getting your fast-food fix sounds like a win-win.

8. Oreo ramen

Ramen is the ultimate fast lunch — just add hot water! But what if your sweet tooth is getting the better of you and the MSG kick from noodles just won't do it for you? The mythical Kitcheneers came back with another edition of Snack Smash where they combine two treats to create a new super food.

When ramen powder on an Oreo was a dismal failure, they went back to the drawing board to create Oreo-flavored ramen bowls. In true Mythical fashion, they went the whole nine yards and created vanilla filling flavor packets and dehydrated the cacao noodles, then packaged them up in some authentic-looking ramen cups before rehydrating them again with hot water.

The classic combination of chocolate and sweet dairy milk makes this lunch an instant winner. The initial concept threw us for a loop but after seeing the painstaking work that went into Oreo-fying every aspect of Top Ramen, we are sold on this delectable idea.

9. Flamin' Hot Uncrustable

The Mythical Kitchen spawned from Good Mythical Morning and although we love watching the kitcheneers at work, it is sometimes way better to see Rhett and Link react to their crazy creations. In one Flamin' Hot episode of GMM, they checked to see which snacks and meals could be potential collaboration opportunities for Cheetos with brands like Twinkies, Chef Boyardee, and Hungry-Man. One creation stood out to us: the humble Smucker's Uncrustable.

Mythical Chef Josh explained on Twitter that he reverse-engineered the Flamin' Hot seasoning powder and created this monstrosity with it. He said, "It's really wild that I get paid to do this stuff." We couldn't agree more, Josh. We would imagine that this creation could work with some savory elements like cheese spread and pepperoni but Josh stays true to form and still stuffs his Flamin' Hot Uncrustable with PB&J, just like the original.

Rhett and Link love the subtlety of the flavor, which is not something Josh is known for. His inventions usually pack a punch in the flavor department but their nods of approval have us intrigued. Flamin' Hot seasoning has a distinct sour/salty/vinegar taste derived from the sodium diacetate and citric acid combination which would be a curious combination with sweet jelly. But if we have learned anything by now, it is to trust Josh when it comes to snack fusions.

10. Giant plant-based pizza bagel

Pizza bagels are a fun and fast lunchtime staple. You have your bread, you have your cheese, and you have your deliciously unhealthy cured meat. But this humble offering lends itself to a ton of interesting variations, satisfying whatever craving you have. The Mythical Kitchen decided to go plant-based for a change and create a giant plant-based Nashville hot chicken pizza bagel. We don't know if the name or the actual bagel is more of a mouthful.

This is one of those creations that is so crazy, it just might work. The base of the pizza bagel is a pizza-sized everything bagel that already wins us over. Instead of regular cheese, he adds non-dairy mozzarella shreds and plant-based Buffalo dip. He tops it off with handmade plant-based chicken nuggets that he has coated in Nashville hot sauce and spice.

We are cautiously optimistic that this could be the plant-based comfort food that we have been desperately craving. It is oversized, caters to the palate of a teenager, and is oddly nostalgic — the best kind of bizarre combination we have come to love from Mythical Kitchen.

11. Pulled pork Twinkies

Twinkies strike again. The Mythical Kitchen just can't seem to get enough of these delicious and sweet lunchtime snacks. When they're not cross-breeding them with Mountain Dew they are dusting them with saffron or Cheeto dust. This time around, they decided to pay homage to a state fair food that inspired a whole GMM episode. Josh upgraded the chicken chili Twinkie from the Texas fair and decided to stuff it with pulled pork. If we must substitute year-old shelf-stable vanilla creme filling for a moist BBQ pork stuffing, we are willing to make that sacrifice.

A savory and sweet combo is not for everyone which is why the idea of what is essentially a pork-stuffed cake might put you off at first. But Josh has done his mythical best and created a Twinkie to beat all Twinkies so let's hear him out. The secret lies in his carefully crafted Twinkie batter. He mixes white flour and corn flour to create a more savory batter but then adds a healthy helping of honey to the mix to perfectly balance out the acidity in the BBQ sauce and complement its sweetness. What might have seemed like a bizarre baked good at first is quickly transformed into a harmonious balance of flavors fit for a king. In Josh's words, "All the best foods are created for direct insertion into the mouth- popsicles, hotdogs, burritos, Twinkies." Amen!

12. Sunny D shrimp

On one summer's day, the Mythical Kitchen went where nobody has gone before. Chefs Josh and Nicole challenged each other to create the best Sunny D dish, a competition we never thought would see the light of day. Yet, here we are. TikTok has been flooded with a horrifying food crime: a Sunny D shrimp boil. Both chefs agreed that this was a big no and instead tried to rectify this mistake by creating their own dishes inspired by the aforementioned atrocity. They had their work cut out for them.

Josh started off strong with Bang Bang Shrimp infused with the golden nectar but he hid behind a clever mask of batter and oil to make his dish soar. Nicole opted for something a little more daring and it's her Sunny D shrimp salad sandwich that piqued our interest. The first step is to poach the shrimp in Sunny D and then pop them into a Sunny D ice bath complete with juice ice cubes. The idea is that the ice bath will lock in the punchy citrus flavor and not let it be overshadowed by the seafood taste of the shrimp. She went on to create a Sunny D reduction to add to the slaw and also mix it into some melted butter to give the shrimp a quick fry before serving. Even though she didn't win the overall challenge, we are captivated by her bold incorporation of our favorite sugary childhood juice, Sunny D.

13. Tofu sandwich bento box

If you still aren't convinced that the creativity and hilarity of Mythical Kitchen is beyond measure, this installment of "Making Lunch for My 8-Year-Old Son" is sure to do the trick. Josh's bento boxes for his may-or-may-not-be-existing son are absolute howlers but also make us thankful for the basic brown bag lunches we used to get. Suddenly a white bread and ham sandwich doesn't sound so bad.

He starts off with a fat slab of tofu, straight onto white bread. But it's ok, he fixes it with ketchup. He also does miracles with some leftovers and dishes up the veggies from last night's Panda Express kung pao and some cantaloupe and honeydew that wasn't eaten from a fruit platter. To top it off Jonah gets a pack of Nicorette and a heaped scoop of creatine: everything a growing kid needs. The combination of these and Josh's fast-paced absurdist voiceovers is enough to make anyone curl over from laughter but also make a few people question their own sanity if they haven't gotten a taste of Mythical Kitchen humor before.