Mike Bedard

Los Angeles, CA
The Simpsons, Star Trek, Star Wars
  • Mike is an editor and interviewer for Looper.com. He's previously written for other pop culture-oriented websites like Cracked, Ranker, StudioBinder, GeekFeed, and Comic Book Corps.
  • He also wrote sketch comedy for many years with Top Story! Weekly, which would perform every week at iO West and subsequently ACME Theater in Los Angeles. He's also written many short films, including "The Meet-Up," made by Dollars & Donuts Productions.
  • A fan of the MCU and DCEU — not to mention "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" — Mike also enjoys animated comedies. He's seen every episode of "The Simpsons," "Big Mouth," "Bob's Burgers," and "Rick and Morty."


Mike has been writing professionally for roughly a decade now, getting his start in the journalism world at UCLA writing for The Daily Bruin. He took his love of film and the entertainment industry to the next level by writing for various outlets, such as Cracked, Ranker, and StudioBinder before landing at Looper. With in-depth articles, video essays, and Snapchat series, his work spans practically every medium, delivering practical information in a fun package every step of the way. He's also worked on his own projects, most notably sketch comedy for groups like Pregnantville and Top Story! Weekly. That's on top of writing several feature-length screenplays as well as numerous short films that have been screened at festivals.


Mike has a bachelor's degree in English from UCLA. He also got a minor in political science, but that usually doesn't come up as much.
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