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Theresa Rex is a freelance author living in Austin, Texas. When she isn't banging out fresh internet copy, she can be found sewing, skating, or playing video games, all hobbies she is enthusiastically mediocre at.
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Stories By Theresa Rex
  • The Truth About Alkaline Water

    For something that's such a basic building block to life, there's almost no end to the new ways companies will attempt to market it, and the latest is the very hyped-up alkaline water. Broad claims that alkaline water can detoxify the body has seen it skyrocket in popularity, but is it all hype?
  • The Best Way To Tell If Your Wine Has Gone Bad

    There's not much worse than preparing to unwind at the end of a long day with a glass of wine, only to pull that bottle of Syrah off the shelf or last weekend's half-consumed bottle of Pinot Grigio out of the fridge only to be met with the sinking suspicion that something just isn't... right.
  • The Truth About McDonald's New Chicken Sandwich

    The biggest of the big-name fast food giants has decided to roll the dice, and not for the first time, as the chain has offered tons of chicken sandwiches over the years. Time will tell if this is the chicken sandwich that puts McDonald's on the map.
  • The Truth About The Fluffiest Pancakes On Earth

    As far as food crazes go, it's hard not to be drawn in when one is as photogenic as the sky-high jiggly pillows of pancakes that have been making the rounds on social media lately. A quick search of #fluffypancakes on Instagram, for instance, yields photo after photo of this new take on pancakes.
  • The Right Way To Cut A Tomato

    It doesn't seem like it should be hard to cut a tomato: procure tomato and then apply knife, right? It's not so simple, thanks to the structure of the plump red fruit​.
  • What Does Organic Food Really Mean?

    Without a doubt, there's a lot of ground to cover if you are wondering about whether you should buy organic-labeled food or not. Sometimes, in situations like this one, it's helpful to simply go back to the beginning: What does organic food really mean?
  • The Truth About Dashi Powder

    If you don't live near an Asian grocery store, don't have hours of free time to devote to keeping an eye on a simmering batch, or if you're simply new to the repertoire, you likely don't have a supply of freshly-made dashi on hand, which is where dashi powder can definitely come in handy.
  • Here's What You Can Substitute For Cumin

    If you've ever gotten ambitious enough to try your hand at preparing a Middle Eastern dish or gotten the urge to challenge your skills with an Indian curry, you've probably stumbled across cumin as an ingredient. But what if you're halfway through your prep before you realize you don't have it?