Instagram Can't Get Enough Of Sunny Anderson's Bobby Flay Call-Out

Sunny Anderson has always had a fun and playful personality. Her antics on "The Kitchen" and other shows have endeared some viewers so much that there's even a fan club dedicated to her on Instagram. And while her playfulness is not always directed towards specific people, she does seem to have a particularly good time messing with her cooking compatriot, Bobby Flay.

For Flay's birthday one year, Anderson made a cute post that had fans cackling at a sweet message she sent that wished him well while trolling him at the same time. And that certainly wasn't the only time Anderson has trolled Flay on Instagram. He dishes the love back. On Valentine's Day, Anderson posted a photo of a fake marriage proposal from the chef, joking that he was her man, but not her "man man." While the two could poke fun at each other on any given day of the year, one of the most recent examples happened to fall on another holiday, Labor Day.

Bobby Flay gets served

On Labor Day, Bobby Flay posted a video of himself on Instagram plugging the season finale of his show, "Bobby and Sophie on The Coast." The chef rains praise on his daughter, Sophie, calling her "smart," "savvy," and "the best kid in the world." And naturally, he asks fans to keep watching the show so he and Sophie can keep making it together. And while this may have cued tears and heart emojis from some commenters, it summoned some savagery from Sunny Anderson.

Anderson started by mentioning she was "watching" and then poked some fun at Flay, noting that her "biggest takeaway from last week is that you still drink cow milk." She continued to rib him by asking, "What's gonna happen this week, you eat a pizza with a fork and knife? You ask for extra avocado with yo richness?" There is, however, at least one thing the stars agree on. Anderson complimented Sophie, saying she is "so good," and noting "You're a natural."

Anderson's response garnered more than 100 likes, and Flay reacted with a heart emoji of his own. Others posted laughing-crying emojis in reply to her remarks. One amused user, islandgirl4477, said to Anderson, "[W]hat? Lol I'm watching this. This I got to see."