Sunny Anderson's Birthday Post For Bobby Flay Is Too Adorable

Someone has a birthday, and Sunny Anderson is taking a social media pause from her food postings to celebrate and rib a fellow celeb chef. If you are a fan of "Beat Bobby Flay," and follow Anderson on Instagram, then you know Anderson is one of Bobby Flay's buddies. That being said, she isn't afraid to give him a hard time with some friendly banter. Whether she is teasing about knowing all of the addresses for Flay's homes or hyping one of the "Always Hungry" podcast host's many cookbooks, Anderson is definitely a Flay fan. 

She is also a loyal pal. When Flay's contract negotiations stalled with Food Network and then finally worked out, Anderson shared on social, "MY DMs have been TRASH for a month with ya people emoji crying all over the place, @bobbyflay. I didn't even type 'no comment' I just rolled my eyes irl and kept it movin. I knew as sure as a chile pepper or ten in your recipe, this was gonna work itself out. So glad this dark period is over. WE CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOU, BOBBAAAAAAAY!!! LET'S GO TO AFRICA!!! WHO'S COMIN WITH ME!?!?!"

Her latest Instagram post, however, is truly adorable, and it's definitely a Birth-Flay celebration we can't stop reading.  

Happy Birth-Flay!

Anderson shared the cutest picture of Flay when he was a child wearing a Smokey the Bear Ranger costume and posing. "The Kitchen" co-host's post was gushing with emojis. She wrote, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CUTIE PIE. Look at you... years from greeting the world with your culinary prowess, yet still striking that 'I just made crispy rice' stance!" Cue the laughter if you aren't already in stitches. 

Anderson went on to fangirl and reflect on Bobby's rich life typing, "Bobby, I'm so happy to be on the outskirts of your fabulous, ritzy, razzle-dazzle life. From here–the outside, it looks so good. So much love, many loves, great friends, a lovely daughter, an entrepreneurial cat... and one that's just...there (Hey Stella!!), you've got it all." 

But Anderson got a little sentimental and praised Flay for choosing to share his culinary savoir-faire with the world, saying, "Whenever you stop to give me sage advice, 2 minutes and 15 seconds on TV with you, or just twinkle those blue eyes beneath that red-dyed hair, I'm enriched, but truly the world is enriched that the lil boy in this pic set the world on fire instead of putting them out. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @bobbyflay."

The post has only been up for a couple of hours and has close to 5k likes and lots of love for Flay with one commenter writing, "Sunny!! This is the best birthday tribute EVER!! So cool and correct!" We couldn't agree more. Happy Birthday, Bobby Flay!