Why Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out Over Its New Bread

Even though National Sandwich Month might have passed, Trader Joe's fans are filling their carts with a new bread that just hit the shelf. As the September weather brings its chilly nights, many people are hungry for comfort food that satisfies. It seems that the Fearless Flyer has a new delight for shoppers. As seen on Instagram and Reddit, many Trader Joe's fans are raving about the newest savory item in the bakery aisle.

Trader Joe's has a wide array of bakery items that tempt people to have just one more slice. While brioche rolls or even the Everything Ciabatta rolls might be pantry staples, seasonal and limited-time offerings often get more attention. Even the focaccia mix had many people crafting picturesque bread.

But a new offering might be the flavor winner for the season. According to @traderjoeslist on Instagram, the new French Onion Focaccia Bread is here, and it seems that many people cannot resist putting a bag in the basket. While few things can beat freshly made bread straight from the oven, this savory sensation is more than just another hunk of dough.

People are melting for Trader Joe's French Onion Focaccia

As seen on social media, the praise for the new Trader Joe's French Onion Focaccia has been furious. It appears that the bread captures the caramelized onions' sweetness, cheesy goodness, and complexity people enjoy about the classic soup.

According to one Reddit post, feedback included high marks for the robust soup flavor and large portion sizes. One person even said that it is possibly one of the best bakery items. Some people recommended cooking it in the air fryer, oven, or even skillet. Depending on personal crispy preferences, the cooking times can vary.

On Instagram, people's serving suggestions varied from dipping it into some tomato soup, creating a flatbread, or just eating it on its own. Although one user recommended transforming that focaccia into a grilled cheese, one suggestion not mentioned would be a tasty egg sandwich for a hearty brunch dish.

Although many people did not seem to have a problem enjoying a large portion, a few people on Reddit did give a word of warning. It was recommended to put leftovers in the freezer to avoid any spoilage issues. It seems that any way people slice it, the Trader Joe's French Onion Focaccia has many people melting over its deliciousness.