National Sandwich Day 2021: Where To Find The Best Food Freebies And Deals

Sandwiches are undoubtedly at the top of the list when it comes to foods that are versatile, delicious, and easy to eat. What better way to enjoy all of your favorite ingredients than to layer them between two (or more!) slices of bread? This conveniently packed food deserves some praise, so every year on November 3, Americans celebrate National Sandwich Day.

Although the sandwich is a ubiquitous element of packed lunches, its exact origin is often contested. The story behind its name dates back to the late 1700s when the Earl of Sandwich asked his cook to make a meal that he could easily consume during a 24-hour gambling stretch (via Food Timeline). Similar preparations have been made for centuries, and History points out that meat, cheese, and dips combined with bread are common in Mediterranean cuisine. 

Although Food Timeline indicates that sandwiches were once mostly associated with drunken male gatherings, in the last two centuries, the image has since shifted and the food is now a staple of the American diet. Nowadays, most fast-food restaurants serve various forms of sandwiches partly for their convenience, but especially because they are an easy way to pack in plenty of tasty ingredients. This year, a handful of popular spots are offering extra special deals to their customers to honor this iconic menu item.

White Castle

The famed hamburger chain isn't only a favorite spot for college students with late-night munchies. While it certainly received a boost in popularity following the release of the "Harold & Kumar" series, White Castle remains at the top of any burger lover's list because of the quality of its products. Even though categorizing a slider as a sandwich might be controversial for some, the chain's deal for National Sandwich Day should quiet down the dispute.

White Castle announced a BOGO promotion on the original or cheese slider, offering you the cheaper item for free. The deal means that you can pair up with a friend and each enjoy a juicy slider or arrive with an appetite — the sliders go down pretty easily after all. The fast-food chain indicates that the offer can only be used once and cannot be paired with any other discount or special. If you've been getting comfortable ordering all of your food through delivery, you'll need to make an extra effort to go to a participating White Castle location to redeem the offer. For a free slider, why not?


There's no question about it, Potbelly prides itself in being a sandwich shop, so you can bet that they are celebrating the national food holiday. The chain's website indicates that on November 3, if you order an original or big sandwich, you will get a second original sandwich for free. To take advantage of the special offer, you will have to place the order using the restaurant's app or on their website. According to PR Newswire, the promo code "BOGO" will unleash the deal when you make your selection online. The source adds that there's no need to be part of the Potbelly Perks reward to obtain this discount, however, you might want to consider it when you think about all of the sandwich deals you could receive.

The offer comes at a great time for fans who are already familiar with the menu. Potbelly recently released three new sandwiches: avo turkey, chicken club, and steakhouse beef. The chain has also been hard at work improving some of the popular favorites, such as the veggie melt, Mediterranean, and mama's meatball sandwich. The question won't be whether or not you should claim this offer on November 3, but which of the sandwiches you'll order from the tempting selection.

McAlister's Deli

McAlister's Deli has been feeding hungry Americans in neighborhoods across the country for over three decades. The friendly hospitable atmosphere is certainly part of the chain's success, but their flavor-packed sandwiches and sweet tea are fundamental. McAlister's Deli announced their National Sandwich Day specials in a statement sent to Mashed. You'll have two weeks to get in on the deal starting from November 3 until the 17.

For this special offer, you will need to be a McAlister Rewards Member, but when you realize all of the included benefits, joining is a total no-brainer. Once you download the app, you will be able to access the deli's sandwich day special. Simply purchase your favorite sandwich (how about the 13-layer club?), and you will receive a 50% discount applied to your account under My Rewards. A few points to note: The Choose Two option that allows customers to order two half items off the menu (say, half a sandwich and half a salad), is excluded from this offer. As well, the special deal cannot be paired with other discounts.


Sandwich lovers will be glad to hear that the popular chain Schlotzsky's will be participating with a special offer for this year's National Sandwich Day. Before you read on, start by downloading the restaurant's reward app, if you haven't already been collecting points. The regular offers are already plentiful, and for the holiday, Schlotzsky's is adding on an extra deal.

The sandwich chain announced to Mashed that an exclusive offer would be available only on November 3. For in-store or online purchases via the app, customers can enjoy a medium sandwich for $5 plus sales tax. If you are placing the order online or through the app, an extra $0.35 will be added to cover service fees. This offer stands solo, but you'll be too busy devouring your sandwich to ask for more. Feel free to invite your friends along for the special deal because you will be able to include up to five sandwiches in your order. Schlotzsky's classic sandwich dubbed The Original is an easy choice, or venture beyond and try the Fiesta or Bacon Smokecheesy.


Cast your mind back in time to those long-ago days of 2019, when the hottest new sandwich on the block was sold by Popeye's. From the first shot fired in the Chicken Sandwich Twitter Wars to the early sellout to the chaotic return, Popeye's chicken sandwich was something everybody absolutely had to try, even at great risk to life, limb, and fuel economy. (Idling the car in a 2-hour drive-through line can be hard on the engine, after all.)

If you never did get around to trying that famous (or infamous) sandwich, though, now's your chance! QSR says that anyone placing their first digital order, either via the app or online, will receive a free chicken sandwich with a $10 purchase through November 3.

Jersey Mike's

If you're a Jersey Mike's fan or are looking for a dollars-off deal, then you'll be glad to know this sandwich chain is offering $2 off their regular subs in honor of National Sandwich Day. Not just on one specific type of sub, either, since the virtual coupon applies to each and every regular sub option. This deal also lasts more than a single day, as it's good from November 3 up through November 7. There is, however, a catch. (Isn't there always?) In order to get this discount, you must make your purchase via the app, and you'll also need to input the promo code "SANDWICH" (via Chewboom).

Firehouse Subs

This sandwich day discount is still under wraps, and we don't mean the tortilla kind (or even the low-carb lettuce version). While Firehouse subs has announced that they will be offering a variety of deals for their FireHouse Rewards members, Chewboom says they won't be announcing any of them until the holiday itself — November 3, if you weren't paying attention. Even then, fans can only find out what the holiday deal entails via the brand's social media channels (all of the usual suspects, these being Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

If you do want to score a smokin' hot Firehouse coupon, though, you'd best get signed up for that rewards club ASAP. It's free, it's relatively painless, and yes, you can even sign up online if you don't want to download yet another app to your poor overburdened phone. Bonus: If you're a new rewards member, you'll also get a large drink with sub purchase just for signing up (via FireHouse Subs).