The Top Chef-Approved Sauce Line Fans Need To Know About

With fall and winter on their way, it's time to break out warm and comforting recipes. These easy slow cooker recipes will get you through a busy fall, and you can also stock up plenty of sauces to whip up a quick pasta or to use as a marinade for meats and vegetables. If you're looking for a sauce approved by a "Top Chef" judge, you can turn to Tom Colicchio's new line of pasta sauce, but this isn't the only sauce collection for "Top Chef" fans.

UrbanDaddy reported that Our Pantry just announced a new line with four different sauces, and each sauce was developed by a "Top Chef." Adrienne Cheatham, and Silvia Barban, and food stylist Mariana Velasquez developed products for this line.

A press release sent to Mashed says that items from Our Pantry's sauce line will be available for purchase on September 20, but customers can preorder products now. Each sauce comes in a 12-ounce jar. Prices range based on the sauce, and sauces can also be purchased in sets directly from Our Pantry. If you're excited about the offerings, you may want all the details of each option.

Here's what sauces are included in Our Pantry's new line

Although the line from Our Pantry does feature mostly sauce with tomatoes, these sauces from Top Chefs include plenty of other flavors and unique bases. For example, Adrienne Cheatham's sauce is a Sweet Ginger BBQ made with miso and date syrup while Mariana Velasquez's Roasted Tomato Onion Salsa also highlights smoked chipotle chiles and tamarind paste. UrbanDaddy explains that this sauce is a take on hogao, a cooking sauce from Colombia.

Instead of the classic deep red, Silvia Barban's Cherry Tomato Sauce is a bright yellow because of its Italian yellow Datterini tomatoes. The last sauce is also made by Barban, and the sauce is Cherry Tomato Arrabbiata, which also features yellow tomatoes in addition to Cobanero chiles.

According to the press release, Our Pantry will be releasing more sauces in collaboration with chefs in the upcoming future. If you're looking for more sauce brands to try, Rao's Marinara Sauce stands above the rest when it comes to jarred tomato sauce. And if you've got the time, try some of these homemade sauces that will change the way you eat pasta.