What We Know About Tom Colicchio's New Pasta Sauce Line

If you're a big fan of "Top Chef," you're familiar with Tom Colicchio's judging and critiques, and for viewers who love behind-the-scenes and extra content, he's given insight on what it's like to be on the show. Colicchio has explained what fair judging looks like on "Top Chef," and he's also revealed that the best "Top Chef" dish he's eaten is a simple soup made by Paul Qiu. Since Colicchio's a judge on a cooking show, it's no surprise that he's an accomplished chef himself. The one recipe that stands out from Colicchio's career is short braised ribs, and if you want to cook like him, you'll love his latest announcement.

Colicchio is launching a new line of pasta sauce with The Jersey Tomato Co. called the Colicchio Collection (per PR Newswire). This product is also made in partnership with KEEN Growth Capital, and these sauces are already available online for purchase. The release explains that Colicchio has been working with the company since 2020, but this is the chef's first original product line.

The Colicchio Collection includes six different pasta sauces

According to a press release, "Top Chef" judge Tom Colicchio's pasta line will include six tomato sauces all inspired by a different region in Italy. The pasta sauces include Ligura (lemon, white wine and herbs), Trentino (mushrooms, parmesan, and rosemary), Sicilia (orange, olive, and white wine flavors), Piemonte (barolo wine and sage), Abruzzo (saffron and fennel pollen), and Calabria (eggplant, zucchini, and chili).

The Colicchio Collection's website says that the Abruzzo, Piemonte, and Calabria sauces are vegan, and you can purchase each sauce as a set of three jars for $45. You can also join the Club Colicchio subscription plan for delivery every other month, 15% off purchases, and other exclusive offers. While each sauce has its own unique flavor profile, all of them are made with New Jersey tomatoes. These tomatoes were developed by Rutgers University are loved for the balance of sweetness and acidity, as explained by Penn State.

To make cooking even easier, the Colicchio Collection's website includes recipes for each sauce and recommended dinner pairings. For example, the Ligura sauce pairs with fish, shrimp, and vegetables. And if you need more ideas for what to do for dinner, try these unique pasta recipes that will impress your friends and family or these quick pasta recipes for weeknights.