The Starbucks Dublin Pastry Case That's Giving Reddit Major FOMO

If you've ever traveled internationally, it might've been a nice surprise to find fast-food menu items you've never tried back home. According to Meat and Supply Co, this is because such companies change their menus to match local favorites. The way food is prepared can differ as well; in America, for instance, food contains much more salt than food abroad. 

One interesting KFC menu variation includes a Mac 'N Cheese Kentaco in Singapore, per Brand Eating. The product is a made up of fried chicken filled with macaroni and cheese, mayonnaise, shredded mozzarella, and cheddar. And in China, McDonald's once served a limited-time cilantro sundae, which featured soft serve vanilla ice cream decorated with chopped cilantro and green cilantro sauce, per Hypebeast. A year prior, the fast-food chain temporarily had a spicy chili oil sundae on the menu. It included ice cream, oil infused with chili crisp, peppers, onions, garlic, and other seasonings. 

While not all of these items would be popular in the United States, there's one Starbucks in Dublin that has folks on Reddit feeling jealous.

The selection is majorly different

In August, a Redditor posted a photo of a Starbucks pastry case in Dublin. It's full of items such as strawberry shortcake, chocolate brownies, golden caramel crispies, and mango-berry granola. Immediately, users in the comments shared how they felt about the differences. "America Starbucks SUCKS compared to these other countries," one comment read. Another person chimed in with, "oh my god those bars and shortbreads look amazing." One Reddit user had tried a Dublin treat and confirmed just how good they are. "The lemon loaf is so much better there. I hate [the] icing on ours," they wrote.

According to The Journal, there are 49 Starbucks stores in Dublin, and 21 are located within the city center. They appear to pop up in clusters; some stores are only divided by the street down the middle (per Newstalk). Starbucks explains this by stating it "takes a thoughtful and strategic approach when choosing our store locations, carefully considering many factors including community demand. We are always looking for great locations to both better meet the needs of our current customers and to reach new ones." So, if you plan to visit Dublin, just know you'll have plenty of chances to try out these pastries.