The Time A Starbucks Logo Fell On A Customer's Car

How often do you pay close attention to the Golden Arches, KFC's giant bucket, or any other eatery's sign? The answer is likely not very often. For one thing, they aren't all that interesting — just sitting there, saying the same thing over and over. It turns out that, perhaps, restaurant patrons shouldn't be so dismissive of these looming monoliths, as they aren't nearly as innocuous as they appear. 

You are likely saying to yourself, "Why one earth would I need to be more mindful of signs?" It turns out there exists the possibility that one may fall on you or your car. Seriously, it happens more often than you think. In February, a wind-blown McDonald's sign utterly demolished a car in Fort Mohave, Arizona. Thankfully, Fox 10 reports that no one was injured in this mishap. The Bay Area's NBC revealed that in 2021, a hefty Burger King sign squashed an empty vehicle in Richmond, CA. And in July, a harsh storm caused a Wendy's sign to crash through a next-door Taco Bell's roof in Gainesville, Florida (per KXII). Clearly, signs don't always remain standing in place and can pose a real threat if they become dislodged. 

And, as one errant Starbucks emblem proved, even a relatively small sign can cause significant damage. 

A Starbucks sign smashed the driver's windshield

When TikTok user Auvo posted a video of a sign falling off a Starbucks and plummeting into their windshield at a drive-thru and another video of the subsequent damage, people were full of tongue-in-cheek advice. One offered, "My entire neck would mysteriously be broken," while another piped in with "Suddenly you've got the trauma of driving everywhere and something falling from the sky." One commenter quipped, "It's a sign from above," and another said that he was in the trunk at the time. Most comments involved suggestions about free Starbucks for life and a plethora of dollar signs. 

The engaged couple from Abbotsford, British Columbia told Daily Hive that their six-year-old son was in the car and was terrified. While the pair's injuries were minor, the incident was the proverbial maggot on an already garbage day. Auvo said, it was "my brother's birthday who passed away. Fiancé locked the keys in the car." Thankfully, it would appear that Starbucks provided the young family with a sizable settlement. While they aren't allowed to discuss the actual amount online, the poster did say their wedding expenses would now be covered. 

With signs perched in abundance on any main drag, it's impossible to keep a watchful eye on all of them. Thankfully, these events are still fairly rare and the bad apples (or golden arches, hot pink bells, or girls with red pigtails) are few and far between.