Bacon Lovers Will Be Jealous Of Wendy's Canada's New Offering

While Canada may not be perceived as being a land of epicurean delicacies and haute cuisine, it does have a few enviable culinary finds. Poutine, peameal bacon, Canada Dry, and Tim Horton's may spring to mind, but these aren't the only foods born in the Great White North. There are several other iconic Canadian foods that people need to try.

If you have never wrapped your lips around a Montreal smoked meat sandwich, it might be hard to picture. The New York Times explained that smoke meat melds pastrami and corned beef. Narcity calls the butter tart – a delectable treat made with "butter, eggs, brown sugar, and raisins" – a "national treasure." The requisite Canadian cocktail, aka the Caesar, is a simple combo of tomato juice and clam juice with a splash of hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, and a shot of vodka (per Contiki). It may sound strange, but it is a fan favorite north of the 49th parallel. The Ottawa area specialty, the Beaver Tail, is a "hand-stretched pastry" that resembles the beaver's tail and boasts a selection of different toppings. And as CBC shares, Canadian Mcdonald's locations still boast all-day breakfast items.

In case you haven't yet found a reason to be a little envious of those neighbors to the north, a new exclusively Canadian offering will have bacon aficionados longing to cross the border.

The Wendy's Blazin' Baconator is only available in Canada

Meet Wendy's newest Baconator, the Blazin' Baconator, a concoction that can only be found in the land that flies a red and white maple leaf flag. What exactly is it? According to Chew Boom, this version of the Baconator boasts six spicy strips of candied bacon atop a quarter-pound patty along with "sweet-heat-seasoned mayo" and melted cheddar, all "on a toasted bun." Depending on the heftiness of their appetites, customers can order it as a single, double, or a massive-sounding triple. Wendy's Canada calls this burger "baconic" but says it's here for a limited time only. But it doesn't say when the item will disappear from menus.

On Reddit, users responded to the news with a mix of envy and enthusiasm. Karl_KingOfDucks complained, "Americans never get cool stuff like this" while SgtWasabi wrote, "Got excited then saw it was Canada." Another user wondered if someone would be allowed to cross the Canadian border with a DUI. Other users voiced their eagerness and excitement to try the item.

The Blazin' Baconator is not the only exclusive-to-Canada product to hit Wendy's menu this fall. Wendy's newest frosty flavor, the Caramel Apple edition, is only available north of the border as well.