White Castle Just Rolled Out A Brand-New Way To Enjoy Its Classic Sliders

While White Castle's sliders are known for being small, the company itself has had a surprisingly big impact on the world of fast food. It White Castle was not only the first American fast food hamburger chain, predating even McDonald's by twenty or so years (according to the company's historical records), but was also named the number one most influential burger of all time in 2014 by TIME Magazine. With over 28 billion sliders sold, White Castle has earned its spot in the world of American fast food for igniting a craving for miniature hamburgers.

But have you ever looked at one of the world's many billions of sliders and thought, "I'm sick of all these burgers looking the same. It's always meat between two squished buns. Why can't we enjoy our sandwiches a whole new way?" Even if you haven't, it seems like the folks at White Castle thought about it and came up with a solution. After all, if Hot Pockets and Pizza Rolls changed the way we look at pizza, shouldn't hamburgers be given the same treatment? It's on that comparison, then, that White Castle stepped up to the plate and "remodeled" its classic sliders into something that would both be unique and convenient for its customers.

Fans can now enjoy White Castle Bites

Imagine a pocket made of buttery crust. Now, imagine taking that pocket and stuffing it full of ground beef and onions before baking it until it's golden brown. That's what you're getting with White Castle's new "Castle Bites."

According to PR Newswire, White Castle collaborated with frozen food purveyor Bellisio Foods to release its Castle Bites, which resemble small pizza roll-like pastries and are stuffed with beef and onions just like a regular White Castle slider. Both the company and Bellisio Foods seem to be optimistic about the launch of the Castle Bites, referring back to White Castle and Bellisio's previous collaboration to release the chain's chicken rings in stores. The Castle Bites will come in two flavors, hamburger and cheeseburger. They will be on offer at grocery stores across the country.

If you think this product sounds oddly familiar, almost as if you've seen a very similar concept like this before, then you may be remembering Totino's cheeseburger-flavored pizza rolls, which were rolled out in 2019 (via Best Products). Or perhaps they sound like Hot Pockets "SideShots." These were small buns stuffed with meat and cheese that were around back around 2010. The Impulsive Buy describes them as being pretty decent for what they were, having a taste similar to a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger but not as filling.