Sunny Anderson Has Instagram Cracking Up At Her Bobby Flay Socks

You don't have to be an avid Food Network watcher to know that Bobby Flay is one of those guys that some people love to hate. As one Redditor explained, "Flay bothers me the same way Tom Brady does. They're great at what they do but there's so much smugness fueled by their reputation and I can't stand it." That smugness has created a lengthy list of people who can't stand Flay. However, that's not to say the chef doesn't have a sizeable group of supporters, as well. Among Flay's admirers are Ina Garten and Giada De Laurentiis, as well as Iron Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Symon. And then, of course, there's Sunny Anderson, who, despite frequently trying to serve him a loss as a guest judge on "Beat Bobby Flay," may very well be his biggest fan.

The co-host of "The Kitchen" often shouts out her buddy on Instagram regardless of whether there's a special occasion warranting it, and will even poke fun at him on the internet from time to time. In fact, just this week, Anderson proved just how much of a Bobby Flay fanatic she is in yet another Instagram post centered around her fellow Food Network star that has fans of the celeb chefs cracking up for more reasons than one.

Sunny Anderson is rocking Instagram's socks

Sunny Anderson has already stunned Instagram with her impressive shoe closet, and now, a pair of her socks are causing a stir on the app, as well. On September 15, the Food Network star showed off her hosiery of choice for the day, and they were adorned with a familiar face. "Decided to wear my Bobby socks today for inspiration," she captioned a snap of her socks, which seemingly had Bobby Flay's face printed over every inch. "I'm only going to say expensive stuff and encourage everyone to make crispy rice," Anderson teased, but the jokes didn't stop there. "At lunch I'll eat vegetarian and then, when I walk off the set I'm gonna say something corny like, 'I guess if you wanna win, you better CHOP to it," she quipped.

Unsurprisingly, Anderson's post caused plenty of loling amongst her followers. "I'm dying of laughter," Instagram user @therescuechick commented. "You crack me up," wrote another fan. Of course, many people also showed love for Anderson's socks, including chef Jet Tila, who said he needed a pair for himself. Instagram user @rae_1069_ was a fan as well, writing, "I bow to thee!!!!! Those Bobby socks are WINNING!!!!!"

As of this writing, Flay has yet to respond to his "photo shoe-t." However, considering how well he took another one of Anderson's call-outs, we can only imagine he let out a few laughs himself.